Zigbee Fan controller is finally a thing again! Inovelli Blue Pre-order

Rejoice everyone, a viable off the shelf solution for Zigbee fan controllers is back on the market thanks to Inovelli. It's on pre-order right now. No more hunting around eBay for the elusive Home Decorators controller that came with Hunter fans. This bad boy will work for those of us that only have one hot wire. This goes up in the fans canopy.


For anyone familiar, does Inovelli tend to carry an NRTL certification on their devices (typically UL or ETL)?

They do indeed - UL in fact. I can't say for certain this device has UL (I'm just not familiar with it), I'd be very surprised if not.

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Sorry I jumped the gun before getting clarification if information could be posted. The fan controller will be ETL certified. The controller can be Zigbee bound to a switch, or their upcoming Project Walt scene controller switch, which will tie in nicely with the controller.

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It also connects directly to Hubitat

FWIW these have never been that hard to get by calling the manufacturer directly to order a “replacement.”

Probably not a source forever, but it’s been a pretty reliable one for years.

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