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I'm new to Hubitat and I think I want a Zigbee button to accomplish some tasks. I've seen a "Tuya Zigbee Scene Switch" and a few others, but they all seem to have their own hubs. I already have a Hubitat and I'm in the process of adding a Lutron Smart Bridge Pro 2. I don't think I want to have still more hubs. Isn't there a button that works directly with Hubitat?

Many zigbee devices that say they work with their own hub will still work with Hubitat.

If the device supports the Zigbee Home Automation v1.2 (aka ZHA 1.2) or Zigbee 3.0 profiles, then it should work with Hubitat.

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These work for me with Hubitat HE7.

Some people report problems but they are inexpensive.

There is a community driver that works well for me and provides many options.

There are several older devices branded as xiaomi and aqara that are good examples of devices that do not use the standard profiles I mentioned above.

Some newer devices use zigbee 3.0. That eBay listing doesn’t clarify.

I suggest avoiding xiaomi devices unless the product page definitely says it uses zigbee 3.0.

Unless you know what you are doing with your zigbee mesh, and how to cater to the whims of non-standard xioami/aqara devices.


I agree with you 1000%!

I was going to add a discussion about the vagaries of "inexpensive" devices from eBay/AliExpress and the bramble patch that is Zigbee in practice but it seems like TMI for a brand-new HE7 user asking what should be a very simple question.


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Here is a Z-Wave button that works flawlessly for me with excellent support if you need it.

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Once you have the Lutron SmartBridge Pro2, simply add inexpensive Lutron Pico remotes. They are about $15 and have a 10 year battery life. They work amazingly well with Hubitat.


Do the Pico remotes require an internet connection to function? I think I'd like to maximize local control. Also, I have nearly a dozen Zigbee devices across my home, so I think I'd like to try to use Zigbee. I was thinking a few 2, 3, or 4 gang buttons would be useful.

Of course, I'm really still trying to figure all of this out. I was using a Wink 2 hub for very basic purposes and I liked the simplicity of their "home sitter" that turned on lights at random times while I'm away. Hubitat isn't that, of course.

No, they are 100% local, and blazing fast. Trust me, they are the best button controllers available for use with Hubitat. They can be wall mounted, used with a table stand, or simply placed or stuck wherever you'd like.

If you're buying a Lutron SmartBridge Pro2, you're going to probably end up using Pico remotes already, as they are required for 3-way/4-way wall switch configurations.

I have added Pico remotes to existing wall switches, where they blend in seamlessly alongside Caseta Dimmers, Switches, and Fan Controllers. No additional hole in the wall is required, as I simply replace a 1-gang faceplate with a 2-gang faceplate that the Pico is able to be mounted into. The Pico is then used to control smart bulbs in nightstand lamps, for example. All 100% local control.

1-Gang Wall Switch converted to a 2-Gang setup with a Pico Remote + Wall Mount Kit, to control a Philips Hue Smart Bulb in a lamp in my office. The Caseta Dimmer controls the overhead light fixture.

Here is the optional wall-mount bracket for the Pico Remote, to allow it to be mounted into a Decora style wall switch face-plate.

Here are Pico stands that really do work great (from EnergyAvenue.com)

And they also have Pico remotes

And accessories like a car visor mount


he's right you know

I absolutely agree. I have a bridge pro and dozen of pico's (purchased as bundle with the main switches). You can use pico for anything you want. I use them to play music, activate/deactivate specific switches, run rules and, of course, manage lights... A very versatile switch.

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I use a couple SONOFF SNZB-01 that are working well for me. They can be a little stubborn to join to the hub, but once setup, they work great.

I have Tuya scene switches (battery) working with hubitat, but you have to be a little careful as some of them have an internal model number (not knowable at purchase time) that is not compatible with existing HE drivers.

I read these posts and it makes me soooo jealous of our US cousins over the pond. The UK is so limited to what we can buy, presumably Europe too. Wish we had Lutron!

Oh, and you have such variety of products which are super well priced!


I believe Lutron is available in the UK, but only in the form of Lutron's higher-end systems. It appears "RA2 Select" and "Homeworks" are available in Europe. I believe the lower cost RA2 Select system would allow the use of Pico remotes with Hubitat, but best to check before you spend the money. :wink:


Yeah but I mean you guys have... the Queen! We could use one of those.

No, you don't want that.


Oh yeah, it turns out that us Brits do have the Lutron option. The bad news is a basic set up requires me to remortgage my house :sweat_smile:


Caseta? Or one of the pro options? The Casetas are pricy back here in the former colonies but worth it.

All components by the look of things. Basically only specialist dealers supply the items. Even Jeff Bezos and his crew have limited extortionate supplies. I guess supply and demand are an issue here. Particularly as smart homes aren't huge in the UK, I guess the appetite isn't quite there yet for the dealers

These are good value and work great

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