Zigbee bulb will only dim, not turn on and off

Newbie so be gentle.

I've just finally installed the hub and bought my first dimmable zigbee bulb. Made by a company called "Middle brand" from Amazon.co.uk

I've put it into a floor lamp we've got that has an on/off switch.

I've managed to install the Alexa skill and detected it, as well as the Hubitat app.

My only issue currently is that neither the app or alexa can turn the light on of off (by voice of manually in the app) they are only able to dim the bulb.
So when I've set up the routine for "Good night" Alexa won't turn the light off, but thinks it's off in the app.

Any suggestions with what I'm doing wrong?

Which device driver are you using with the bulb?

Just a thought, and not the right way to fix it, but if you set the dim level to zero does it turn off?