Zigbee and Zwave Channels

My SmartThings hub is zigbee 25 (not configurable), my Philips Hue is zigbee 15. What's a good channel to set my Hubitat to?

I assume I also have to fit in with the 2.4ghz channel on my wifi - are the numbers of the wifi channels the same numbering scheme as the zigbee or does 61 on wifi mean 20 on zigbee or anything weird like that?

Since the ST and the hubitat both do z-wave, what happens about the zwave channels? I can't even tell what it is on my ST hub! I haven't seen other threads about zwave channels. Maybe it doesn't have channels?

There's a recent topic on Zigbee and Wifi which explains it well:

There are many other threads as well.

Wifi Channel 61 is a 5GHz WiFi channel and doesn't have anything to do with Zigbee interference on 2.4GHz.

I leave Z-wave to be answered by someone else who actually use it. :slight_smile: From what I understand it is not an issue that needs to be bothered with since the frequency used is less "crowded".


The forum offered a few threads but not that particular one! I shall have a read, thank you

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Zigbee channel 20 seems to be the most common used and recommended channel. Reason is it sits between Wi-Fi 2.4 channels so less conflicts. I’d start there and if you encounter issues you can always change it. Stay away from 26 because some Zigbee sensors don’t work with it and it’s also a weaker channel.


It depends on which wifi channels you have around you, it could be a good choice, but not always.

This is true, but most do work on this channel.

Yes, due to regulatory limits. However, most controllers and devices, HE included, don't even come close to the regulatory maximums for channel 26 even on all the other channels. There's no real-world difference in transmit power when talking about channel 26 (and 25) or any other Zigbee channels on HE.

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Most older SmartThings branded sensors don’t. I had issues with their older model water sensors as example with an off channel, believe I was on 19 originally and folks recommended 20 and it worked. Since the OP is coming from ST older sensors may be in use so it’s an important data point.

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So... z-wave channels either don't exist or are non-configurable on hubs?

wrt zigbee, I'll ask the Hubitat to do ch13, which is next door but one to my Hue and the other end from my wifi. I suppose there is no way to detect if a near neighbor is occupying a channel other than by wondering why my connections aren't very good?

I can’t claim to be a z-wave expert, but I have never seen any discussions either here or in the ST forum re: changing z-wave channels.

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You can always use a WiFi analyzer app to see more info about the WiFi networks around you, including which channels any nearby access points are on.


Try 20