Zigbee 3.0 Water shut-off, dome valve clone? (34.00USD)any feedback?

Saw this on aliexpress, looks good anyone have any experience?
I wonder 2 things:

  1. is the torque sufficient to turn the handle, arm looks short
  2. will the fingerprint be picked up(will it work w/ Hubitat)
    I probably wouldn't use this for mission critical stuff, probably more for outdoor hose bib to shutoff when temp drops below 25. That is until I know its reliability.
    Some of the other valves are so ridiculously expensive.

PS- is it necessary to say "clone" or can we just say "made in china"?


FWIW, I have had a zigbee LeakSmart for ~3 years now. It has been extremely reliable. New LeakSmart valves are going for about $50-75 on eBay.

I had a zwave controller like the zigbee one you linked to. I installed it with a brand new ball valve controller. Worked well for a short time, and then gradually as the ball valve became stiffer, it didn't have the torque to close it completely.

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Thanks, I have already a dome and a leaksmart. The leaksmart concerns me with mineral buidup inside the valve, since it's a 1 piece. With the dome or this zigbee one I can just solder in a new valve.
I do like the leaksmart tho, but full price is ridiculous IMO.

Hard to tell what is a clone and what’s private label with consumer IoT devices. Obviously Dome stuff is Z-Wave, but most if not all of their products are actually Neo Coolcam devices. Maybe just firmware differences if any.

I have the LeakSmart too. Maybe if you’re in an area with very hard water, the mineral build up could be a problem, but what valve is immune? Isn’t it still a concern regardless of valve type? Asking because it’s not an issue here. I don’t have soft water, but it’s not that high in minerals either.


Yes buildup always a concern, but with dome, which just turns the handle and doesn't have a attached valve, when my valve gunks up I can just sweat a new one in. but with leaksmart, the valve if replaceable would be much more expensive, I think, looking at the valve assembly on mine.

Anyway I bought one of the linked valves above, let's see how it works out when I recieve it in 2021, or possibly sooner

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Although a bit more, the Dome branded shut off valve is on sale today for $59.95 if you're that concerned about it.. :slight_smile:

I live in St Louis Park, Minnesota and I believe we have the hardest water in the US. The ball valve for the main line shut off has been in use for about 30 years and it still moves freely. I think you would be OK which every way you went.


Conversely, a bad valve will crap out no matter how good your water is. Having lived primarily in the midwest and now in the south, the water here is much softer than the water in Wisconsin or Chicagoland-area was.

But I've had to replace ball valves twice in ~17 years. The first one froze in the open position and the second got really difficult to move. The second one lasted less than 3 years.

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Why do you keep buying bad valves??? :wink:

Just a thought, do you have a ground wire bridging the valve/meter etc? Water pipes are often used for electrical ground and perhaps there is corrosion due to that bridging missing ???????

I do. Real puzzle that. My next door neighbor has had his valve replaced at least once that I can remember.

Now that it has been talked about, I am due for a valve failure next week.

I built my own and it's all documented here. It's essentially the none smart version that I made smart and pushed into HE using HubDuino. Electronic Water or Gas Valve using ST_Anything HubDuino – Smarter Home Club


That's really neat. I'd love to do something like that, but I already have 17 half done projects. For 35 bucks, I think the cost of your parts probably come close to the 35 I dropped.
If I don't get my family room finally finished, you'll see me sitting at the curb with a box of motion sensors and light switches, and a black eye.



I've had some experience with the Sinope water valve. Excellent Zigbee product.
Works every time!
Although much more expensive than simple models $220Can.

To be clear, the Waxman (Iris and LeakSmart) valve works every time too. You can get them at a fraction of the price On eBay and they have battery backup.

I ordered a Sinope dimmer just to learn more about their quality. While I cannot and do not want to argue they are indeed high quality, I was a bit disappointed that they are made in China like every other product. I don’t mean this to disparage any Chinese manufacturing. It’s clear they know what they’re doing and quality under supervision is possible. Just look at Apple among many as a clear example.

Just curious if that price is for a Chinese made valve or a Canadian made valve? Basically, what could be their justification for such a price?

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Thanks mate, I originally went this way as I wasn't aware of the Zigbee and WiFi ones that I then found after the fact but it still worked out fairly cheap for me anyways plus I got to tinker and build something so win win :slight_smile:. I actually fitted it to the house on the weekend and it works a treat. I just need to install the flood sensors.

@jchurch That's a pretty low ceiling height. I don't think I could get used to walking around so bent over. I do like the floors though. No need to sweep or mop and obviously no need for one of those fancy robot vacuums either.

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Really nice install. The valve motor must have some high level torque, as I see it contacting the valve handle at a low point. My dome valve motor contacts the valve handle near the far end to take advantage of leverage. So I'm guessing your motor must have more torque than the dome.

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