Zigbee 2 mqtt

Very interesting....

Allows you to use your Zigbee devices without the vendors bridge or gateway.

It bridges events and allows you to control your Zigbee devices via MQTT. In this way you can integrate your Zigbee devices with whatever smart home infrastructure you are using.


Huh. Interesting.

If I'm not misunderstanding the documentation though, all you're really doing is replacing a singular hub, with a Pi running a hacked Zigbee stick (thus creating a hub), and then running MQTT as your sort of interface link layer.

Then you'd still need Homeseer or something to run your "rules engine".

Cool stuff though, a lot of work is being put into it!



That's still cool... It's the first time I have seen a way to hack zigbee like this.

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Node-red. There are a lot of interesting nodes and flows, and more everyday, to do discrete and branching logic there.

For the record, in Home Assistant you can automatically expose all devices to MQTT with 2 or 3 lines in the config file.

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Precisely why I considered using Zigbee2Mqtt on my Hassio pi...that is...until I realized how easy it was to add my Nortek stick with the ZHA Hassio integration.

I've been studying up on mqtt now that we have a Mqtt client on HE (in alpha) to play with. Working really well and fast for tieing both hub's together.

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Yeah, that would certainly seem to fit the bill. Good point! I really need to wrap my head around Node-Red,


I'm no home assistant expert When it comes to mqtt, though, I now have about 2 thousand data elements from 10-15 different sources on my mqtt broker. Data flying everywhere.

Don't need that much in mqtt, in all practicality, but I'm testing a few things....

Wow....what's your mqtt server running on?

Docker mosquitto instance

On what hardware...pi?

Sorry, that would have been useful info... LOL.

Not an rpi, it is an Unraid server using an 8C/16T AMD Epyc 3151 processor. That's where I run all my containers and VMs.

The mosquitto container uses almost zero CPU, though, even when I'm pounding on it during stress testing. So I would expect an rpi to do that much as well.

Great to know. I have mine in a docker instance on the same rpi as my Hassio instance. I was worried that it might be an issue as my system grew but I feel a bit better now. It's a pi4 4GB so I think I'm good for the time being.

I did this but too many of my zigbee devices lacked attributes. I asked how to add quirks but no one answered me and I gave up. I couldn't add the ikea 5 button remote and certain sensors lacked temperature readings.

I gave up and put everything back on hubitat. I am still looking for a ikea 5 button remote solution that doesn't require buying more hardware.

Does it pair up and if so what type of device does pair as? I'm far from an expert...just got started on Hassio a few weeks ago..but I learned a bit getting my Samsung button to pair.

If it pairs, you may be able to monitor zha events for each button press and design an automation to act on that event. That was what I did...until the latest release (this week) that updated hassio support for button devices...now it just exposes the button pressed, double clicked and held options as expected.

Nothing show up. No event at all. I don't believe the Nortek is capable of it?

Conbee II appears to be able to.

The Smartthings button was not reliable enough for me. My family approval factor dropped because ZHA with the Smartthings button has an issue sending multiple events or not sending events. I swapped it back to HE and works much better.

ZHA is the easiest but deCONZ and zigbee2mqtt sound like they have more options like group messaging and the 5 button Ikea remote. I had an awful popcorn effect with ZHA.

I've been using the MQTT to connect HE and HA. The HE zigbee drivers are too nice.

The problem with this device is that it's solidly entrenched in touch link, so it is only capable of broadcasting it's commands over a hard coded group ID, unless it's likned to another device (Maybe, I gave up on it when binding to its clusters didn't change its behaviour). Most hubs incliding HE are just going to ignore these frames.

You're saying it isn't an antenna issue but a software one?

Reading deCONZ and zigbee2mqtt, they did it by creating some dummy group.

I saw messages from the author of ZHA asking Koenkk of zigbee2mqtt to share the solution. I guess ZHA might also be able to do the Ikea remote? I was never able to get it working with ZHA though. I assumed it was a hardware issue.

@helene7t7 You can pair with Hue bridge. And apparently it works with the SmartThings hub with this DTH. I had a workable solution a few years ago (no DTH available at that time), but really it was similar to this method with the Hue bridge. Where it was really the touch link pairing that was controlling the bulbs from the remote, and the hub was simultaneously paired to the bulb. You had control from both the hub and remote, but no communication between the hub and the remote. This is how I currently have 6 Lutron Connected Bulb Remotes paired to my Hue bridge and the associated bulbs at the same time. Not perfect, but functional.

[Edit] And now that I look again at that first video, that is basically the same method as this second video, but over complicated for some reason.

Yeah, I got it to join no problem, most but not all touchlink button devices I've messed will switch off their broadcast messaging when a coordinator binds to a given cluster, but not this thing...

That driver is for the puck rotary dimmer, not the steering wheel remote, trust me this pos controller isn't going to work with smartthings either...