Zen77 dimmers possessed

I don't believe this to be a Hubitat issue as this same phenomenon occurred when the Zen77s weren't paired/included with my Hubitat. Anyway, has anyone had any issues with their Zen77 (or any Zooz dimmers) setting dim level to zero or equivalent but kept the state to on?

So when I'd get up in the morning I noticed that many of the dimmers were "on" but the dimmer value was set to something low enough where the LED bulbs weren't on. This is despite the dimmers being turned off appropriately (usually by hand) prior to bed. Needless to say, when pressing the paddle to turn the light on it doesn't work, instead I'd have to double tap to set the dimmer to 100% or equivalent. Not quite 2 weeks ago I updated the firmware to the latest 10.10 and while it doesn't occur as often it still happens.

Alexa hunches? Or google I believe has similar. I would also look at the device, scroll to the bottom and look at the in use by section. Then examine those.

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I doubt this if it wasn't paired to Hubitat at the time.

I haven't seen it with my one Zen77. So what I would do is download the Super basic Z-Wave parameter tool, switch the driver to this tool, and go through the parameters and see if something is amiss. The parameters are in the instruction manual from Zooz.

You would temporarily change the driver to this Zwave tool, go to the Get Parameter Report box, and type in a parameter number in the bottom section and click the top section of the Get Parameter Report button. It will output in the logs tab. You can use the Set Parameter to send a corrected value if needed.

Alternatively, you could try the community drivers which exposes all of these parameters in the device settings tab, and see if something is configured incorrectly that way. Don't forget to do a "configure" if you switch drivers. [RELEASE] Zooz ZEN Switches Advanced Drivers I use this, and have had good luck with this driver.

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Yes I have had this issue as well, also with Zen74 & Zen24's. Hard to pin down because it seems random and infrequent. I suspect it has something to do with turning off digitally, then immediately turning on - almost like the level gets set to 0 - a couple of times my SO has gone to turn on the lights and they won't come on but switch up 2 times (double-tap) turns it on and restores behavior.

I am using the advanced drivers - not everywhere yet though.

I haven't had a chance to look for this. I use mine with local and zwave control off, and the power always on (for smart bulb control), so I'm not sure I would ever see this issue in my config.

First I would set the min brightness such that the brightness cannot be set so low that the bulbs appear off. For the bulbs I own this is typically either 15 or 20%.

Second, if you always want the brightness to be a certain level by default (instead of last brightness) when turned on from the paddle I would adjust these parameters to force that (numbers 25 and 18). My screenshot shows a bedroom hallway which usually does not need much lighting so I have the default at 40% and if we want more light (for cleaning, etc... we then turn them up manually).

WHAT? Why :cry:

So I've done that on a few of the dimmers that this has happened on.. particularly my mudroom dimmer which is motion activated (should be a switch but thats what I had at the time).

I might write a rule to check if level gets set just to see whats happening. For me it has been rare enough I havent really been paying attention to it until now.

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