Zen15 Zooz Power Switch

Hello. I’m new to the Hubitat platform since having been with ST for a while. Not sure if I’m in the right room or not. I have 2 rules setup for my ecobee to turn on/off a zen15 zooz power switch(angle plug) with a window a/c attached. The rule is based on the state of the ecobee so if the ecobee state is cooling it turns switch on and if state is idle it turns off. It works but whenever the state is in cooling mode the zooz switch will just randomly turn off sometimes and sometimes after it turns off a couple minutes later it will come back on. Any idea what is happening? I don’t see anything that stands out in the logs.

The first thing I'd do is look at the load specification for the A/C unit. If it is close to 15A or above, the overload protection on the ZEN15 may be tripping. If it is significantly less than 15A, then I'd look at events on the Hubitat side just to make sure nothing is inadvertently sending it off commands. Maybe post your rules to make sure there is not something going on you haven't thought of.

But actually, using a power plug for an A/C unit is potentially doing bad things to the A/C. The compressor isn't designed to have power yanked from it without going through its cycle. You'd be better off to get a remote control that you can integrate with Hubitat.


What he said. At the very least you should monitor power and only remove power from the AC unit when the compressor is off.


I’m a noob but I think I did what you said. I added and expression to the rule to only trigger action if power level is below a certain point.

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Likely it was what was set above, but other things to check if it continues is check at the bottom of the device page to see what else is in use by the zen15. Also do you have an Echo? If so make sure hunches are turned off. That can wreak havoc.

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