Zemismart zigbee wall switch multi-gang

I was trying to update my drivers as I some some error events in the logs.
I found the latest for Zemismart zigbee wall switch multi-gang at

first off, kkossev, many thanks for all you do on these awesome drivers.
There was a note that you needed to repair your devices if you updated to this driver.

I had several issues, prob unrelated but I deleted the devices, then pressed the pairing button on the mini smart switch, the blue light flashed... in all cases, the find zigbee device DID find the device, but in several cases, the device kept blinking as if trying to pair. I could not turn on or off the device. I power cycled at the breaker several times and in some cases the blue light did turn off and things worked after pairing. In another case, on a unit it had rediscovered, the blue light keft flashing...but i waited several minutes and the blue light stopped flashing and it worked...
Is there tricks or tips relative to this ?
Last, one unit I did NOT re-pair and it works fine.... what was the reason that I needed to repair?
Oh, and I see that many of the drivers are in HPM, this one does not seem to be.

Hi Tim,

Deleting a problematic Tuya device and pairing it again to HE with the proper driver pre-installed was the sure way to make it work.... until recently.

Pairing as a new device with the dedicated driver was needed because some Tuya devices will not work with other Zigbee coordinators, except if they are initialized properly during the initial pairing. A typical symptom of multi-gang switch not being initialized properly is that the individual switches can not be controlled, all gangs will switch on or off at once.

With the new C-8 Zigbee 3.0 stack some of these devices may have a problem pairing again to the HE hub if they paired once, but were deleted (removed) later. This problem seems to be reported mostly with C-8 hubs. So I do not recommend removing the successfully paired devices anymore, in most of the cases just pairing it again (without removing it) works as well.

BTW, do you still keep your TS011F _TZ3000_okaz9tjs Tuya smart plug?
Did you manage to pair it to C-8 hub?

I never got that smart plug to work properly. Also I do not have a C-8 (still using a C-7)

Back on re-pairing ...if the switch is working (can be controlled via dashboard)...then can I assume I don't need to re-pair?

oh and the error I'm getting (below) is from one that I believe i did re pair - suggestions?

dev:9202023-07-31 03:08:00.176 AMerrororg.codehaus.groovy.runtime.metaclass.MissingMethodExceptionNoStack: No signature of method: user_driver_muxa_Zemismart_ZigBee_Wall_Switch_Multi_Gang_1055.autoPoll() is applicable for argument types: () values: [] (method autoPoll)


On the error you see in the logs - this is a scheduled job from a previous driver.
If you temporarily switch to HE inbuilt driver named 'Device' you can remove this scheduled job. Then revert to the driver you are using now.

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sorry if this is not in the right place but has anyone used one of these door sensors? They are really small which is very cool

Hi Tim,
The new Aqara E1 contact sensor MCCGQ14LM may be problematic to pair with Hubitat, it’s better to not risk.

Better get a Tuya device, all of them work with HE, most contact sensors will work with HE stock driver.

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