Zemismart Tuya Zigbee Curtain Track - How to connect


So I recently purchased the Zigbee 3 Zemismart Tuya Curtain Track.
ordered from the below link :

will i need to purchase the toya zigbee hub or will i be able to connect it to the Hubitat directly ?
If it will be able to connect directly will i need to had a Drivers Code or an Apps Code ?
If so what will i need to install ?

Thx in advance :innocent: :blush:

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I cannot speak to the Curtain Track, but I just purchased their Shade Motor. It was extremely easy to pair with Hubitat and works great. I relayed my experience here:

I would assume that the same driver from the thread would work, but someone else will need to confirm.


Yes looks like it is working for me .


can someone tell me which driver i need to use for the zigbee Zemismart ?

hi Sagi
can you tell me how you made your zigbee Zemismart curtain worked with hubitat

Hi @wdguezv and welcome to Hubitat!

The first and the most important is to set up the upper and the lower positions limits of the motor.
You need to follow the instructions in the leaflet that came with your device. As there are probably a dozen of different Tuya manufacturers and models, these instructions are slightly different.

An indication of successful setup of the motor limits is that when you control the motor locally from the Open/Close ( Up/Down) keys, the motor will stop rotating when the upper or the lower position limits are reached.

Only then you can try the driver linked to Sebastien's post above.

Hereโ€™s a link to the version of the driver that I have been using. You just need to copy this link and paste it in:

Driver code -> New Driver -> Import


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