ZBLC15 - controlling both relays

Using Smartenit's ZBLC15 dual Zigbee controller, how do I control the second relay?

Trying to set up Custom Commands gives me this list of available commands: configure, off, off, on, on, refresh. However, it won't let me add both "off"s or both "on" - just one of each.

That’s not an officially supported device. You going to need a custom driver. See if there a ST driver that could be ported to HE.

According to their support page, "SmartThings does not support independent relay controls with this device."

I'm still poking around their pages for a custom driver, but I'm a little over my head. Never stopped me before, though...

OK, that didn't take long. :grinning:

The driver at this link appears to work perfectly:


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Updated link for anyone else who finds this via Google like me:

https:// github dot com/Smartenit/smartthings-devicehandlers

Did anyone work out how to expose both relays to Hubitat apps, specifically the Homebridge app? I've got the Smartenit driver installed, and Hubitat can control both relays but isn't passing along the second relay to the Homebridge app.

It appears the driver you're using is not creating a child device for each relay. As such, it is making use of custom attributes and commands which will not work with standard apps and integrations like HomeBridge.

I would tweak the driver to create a child device for each relay, and then expose those to whatever apps you'd like. This is how Hubitat is architected to handle devices like this.

If that's not something you want to pursue, you could always use Rule Machine to mirror the state of each relay to a Virtual Switch Device, and then use those virtual switch devices for the HomeBridge integration. You'll need to handle this bi-directionally as either Hubitat for HomeKit could change the status of the relays.

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Certainly makes sense. How would I begin to break the relays out into child devices? Is there a guide?

Screen Shot 2021-03-20 at 5.03.03 PM

My apologies for resurrecting any old thread—I've completed a search to no avail.

How do I get Rule Machine to read the separate device events for each relay since they only show up as one device to HE?

Alternatively, could someone point me in the direction of converting the current driver to one that uses components? I'm currently using one of these two custom drivers:

(1) Independent Dual Receptacle Control - #6 by johnconstantelo - Devices & Integrations - SmartThings Community
(2) https://raw.githubusercontent.com/Smartenit/smartthings-devicehandlers/master/devicetypes/smartenit/smartenit-zblc15.src/smartenit-zblc15.groovy

Have you tried using the "Generic Zigbee Multi-Endpoint Switch" driver that is built into the Hub's firmware? I have seen other posts from users trying to solve similar issues using multi-relay zigbee devices successfully use this driver to get child devices created.

Once you change the driver, be sure to click SAVE. Then, once the screen refreshes, be sure to click CONFIGURE.

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