Smartenit ZBLC15 Dual Relay Control with Homebridge-Hubitat-MakerAPI

I've installed a variety of Smartenit/Compacta ZBLC15 dual relays throughout our home. These are controlled using the updated Smartenit driver (see ZBLC15 - controlling both relays), which provides control in the Hubitat interface for both relays.

The sole purpose for my Hubitat Elevation is to serve as a Z-Wave/Zigbee bridge for HomeKit. I use the Homebridge-Hubitat-MakerAPI plugin to do this. However, the Homebridge app on my Elevation can only see one relay per ZBLC15 in spite of the updated driver, which means only one relay is exposed to HomeKit.

Has anyone worked out how to expose both relays to the Hubitat Homebridge app?

Screen Shot 2021-03-20 at 5.03.03 PM