Zabbix Template for Hubitat Hubs

Hello community.

I had been meaning to do this for awhile since I hadn't seen anyone else set it up yet.

While there are certain plugins that have been built to do historical monitoring of Hubitat devices, I hadn't seen any implemented that have the stability of Zabbix for longer-term monitoring.

I started development on a Zabbix template for Hubitat Hubs that auto-discover devices from the hub that are disclosed by Maker API app engine. Those interested can track development progress here: GitHub - Relkci/Zabbix-Hubitat: Zabbix Template to monitor Hubitat Smart Home Hub connected Devices.

Feedback is welcome.



Can you share your experience with Zabbix?

I had a very quick look here :

but I couldn't find information on the pricing plans.

Zabbix is enterprise grade monitoring and is (free) open source software.
Its typical use case is for organizations to monitor their IT infrastructure and network performance. Aside from monitoring of devices, it enables alerts and automation based on device conditions.
Frankly its overkill for Hubitat. You probably wouldn't be using Hubitat in an enterprise environment where Zabbix is found.
I already run Zabbix at home to monitor other things. Since I'm familiar with Zabbix, developing the programming to interpret data from Hubitat's API and Maker API is pretty easy.


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