Z-wave water timer for garden

Hi. I'm looking for a z-wave or zigbee water timer that i can connect to my hose so i can water my garden and front beds. Would like to have the weather option built into it (if possible) so i'm not watering the plants if it's raining.

Can anyone recommend a device they have used that compatible with hubitat?


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i know Rachio has one, and there is a Rachio integration with HE, but i don't personally use it to confirm if it'll work

Rachio only has WiFi connectivity. I am not aware of any Z-wave irrigation devices or more simple hose connection. Could you share with us your Rachio knowledge?

Since you included ZigBee ...


Rachio has already stated that the hose module doesn't have an API, so for now, that's not an option. I just ordered some Zigbee ones from AliExpress that will be here in a month.

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Which one did you order?

Have you used this? Looks super cheap.


I got that one, but this is NOT a recommendation, it's just a statement of fact. I ordered them in hopes that they will work well.

Incidentally, I love my Rachio controller and just use their app to control it as opposed to Hubitat, but I feel like $100 was just way too much to spend on the hose valve. I'd never make up the difference in price in water use even if it was actively raining every time it ran compared to just a regular dumb timer.

As noted in the linked thread, I have only used it for a few weeks. Results have been positive so far.

Thank you

True. But if it’s a quality product, that’s what you’re paying for. Plus the convenience of controlling it from your phone as opposed to buying a dumb one from Home Depot.