ZigBee hose controller

Can anyone suggest a ZigBee hose controller that works with one of the HE drivers?


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I ordered the GiEX one mentioned in the thread below. So far, I have only used it a few weeks to water new grass seed. Small sample size, but it has worked well. It has the ability to set a time limit, which I use as a backup in case a ZigBee command somehow gets lost (or more likely, user programming error).


I bought 3 of the Geix valves from Amazon and so far they don’t disappoint. I bought one of them with the Tuya hub just in case, but all are paired with my C-8 (and previously with my C-5).

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Do you happen to have a link? Struggling to find these


Looks like they're out of stock. Found it on AliExpress for about 33 with free shipping.

Can you tell me how long it takes to open after command sent?

Around 2-3 seconds to open or close.

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I ended up going to AliExpress for mine, since the Amazon link has been out of stock for months.


Thank you guys for the input. I ordered from AliExpress.

@Hatallica & @Ken_Fraleigh & @scunny
Any particular reason you decided to order the Geix instead of the Saswell?
Does one have features or disadvantages the other does not have?

Also, with the Geix you have, is there a simple manual override such as pressing a button? Looking for something that would have an acceptable HAF.

Button on the front of the valve.

It was the only one on Amazon. My kids bought them for me for Christmas. They have stayed connected without any issues for me (YMMV).

No deep analysis on my part. It was probably some mix of price, availability, and my arbitrary perception of how water-resistant the design would be.

I've never bought anything off aliexpress, but I followed the link above; it was confusing to me and I logged off.

The Saswell seems a little long. My one hose bib is pretty close to the ground, and I use a "Y" adapter with shutoff valves. The moment arm might be a bit long, as in, a little tug on the hose causing the cheap plastic to break, spewing an unending torrent of water all over the place. :slight_smile:

How long do the batteries last and has anyone tried rechargeables?

I’ve been using the B-Hyve valves and a couple have failed. Actual Zigbee valves sound like good replacements.

AliExpress has gotten better over the past decade or so, but it is still the Wild East of e-commerce. In this case, they combine a variety of product combinations into one listing. You can just select the one named "Timer" and then "Buy Now".

I have only owned the valve for about a month and only operated it for the first 3 weeks to get new grass established. Not much of a test of battery life yet.

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I have Eneloop rechargeable batteries in one of my Geix valves and it is working fine.

Have you ever had to reset the hose controller and if so what's the procedure?

Have you tried long-pressing the switch? About 20-30 seconds. Memory says it resets it.

Yes but no joy. I think it's doa. It paired initially and after updating to the driver in this thread it was reporting open/close from the device but wouldn't update the device from HE. I uninstalled it and it apparently died. Now it will not even open/close from the device button. Confirmed good batteries.

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