Z-wave update button not showing

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I got to step 4 but my C7 hub running does not have an update firmware button on Z-wave details page. What should I do ?

The prerequisite is the presence of the button ..

If you don't have a button, and you just updated to version 2.3.8, you'd just need to follow these steps:

To confirm that you're up to date, match these details:

In your case, skip step 4 and go to next. Basically you didn't have to run those steps if you didn't have an update available before you started.

Thank you Bobby. So my hub now has Z-wave LR? Just got 2 new LR devices from Zooz.
Sorry I didn't read further before wasting your time. I saw update and my eyes glazed over. I had forgot I had upgraded to 2.3.8 a bit ago and then rolled back
Much appreciated

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No, the firmware update is for both 700 and 800 LR series, but that doesn't mean the radio has long range capability.


No worries, this has been a difficult process for some folks because of the conflict between the radio firmware and the Z/IP Gateway firmware.