Z Wave suddenly lost it's mind!

I have an Aeotec Siren 6 that I use for school bells for the kids. This morning I discovered that it is not working. I investigated and found out that all my zwave devices were out (only 5). Doing a z wave reset and going through and adding devices back in is proving to be non productive.

Yikes - why not post here before doing the whole reset thing. It is usually not necessary.

The stuff to try first:

  • See if your Z-Wave service has become disabled and re-enable if so. Reboot just in case.
  • Shutdown your Hub and pull the power (from the plug end!!) and let sit for 30 secs or so before starting back up.
  • Look at the App and Device Stats to see if there are any noticeable issues - disable the app or remove the device if relevent.
  • Do a soft reset + restore from backup..
  • (maybe) Downgrade to previous firmware unless that was causing issues too.
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doing the shutdown and power cut now

If you've already reset your Z-wave then you will probably be out of luck and have to re-include your devices unfortunately.

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Well it's looking more and more like I misread a bad siren as a zwave network problem. Everything else is back up and running but the siren is still being stupid. Light works but no sound at all.

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Is it showing up in the Z-Wave details page?

Yes it is. When I select "siren" in the device page, it only flashes with no sound. I did confirm the volume is up.

Hmmm I have one of those but it is not paired at the moment.

Did you pair it with S2 security?

Okay so for giggles I just paired mine - with default S2 security. I hit "beep" and it is working. Also forgot to set the volume lower and got blasted out.

yes I did

Sorry for rapid posting.. did you check your preferences to make sure the siren tone was set? Along with the siren volume? NOTE: this is different than the regular volume I think.

Yeah, I'm even watching logs. It's as if there is no speaker connected at all! Really frustrating since I just had this warranty replaced about a month ago.

I have had a Aeotec siren 6 just die on me a few weeks ago. Just a low hissing from the unit, with the light still working. Might be the case here.

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So maybe that siren is already in your system as a "ghost". The thing to do would be to exclude it from your system now if you can.. go to the device page, start "remove" then on the siren rapidly press action button 6 times - hopefully it will then be removed. Unplug the power on the siren so it is off then do the hub shutdown/power off restart thing again. Wait until hub has come back up. Plug in the siren and press and hold for 20-30 seconds to reset. Try and pair it again - S2 security okay - leave the defaults.

Also maybe try a different outlet just in case the power is wonky..

That's exactly what happened to my original that I warranty replaced about a month ago. Damn this is frustrating.

Odd there are not many sirens available. I've taken to using a zugbee plug with a 12 volt buzzer and wall adapter. While hoping for something that works well.

And Aeotec is making the SmartThings products now. Lovely ...

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I had seen that. It's frustrating because I use this for our door bell, kids school bell, and general security siren. Any of the other options I have seen on the market can't do what I need.

There is this..


Also maybe a cheap speaker and this..

Not for TTS but maybe MP3s..

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Hmmmm super interesting. I'm banking on 3rd times the charm for the moment but I'll look into those options in the mean time.

Do you know if HE supports the "advanced functions of the zooz?