Z-Wave stick not working?

Hi all,

I just installed my Hubitat and planned to migrate from ST. However, I cannot discover any Z-Wave devices. When I check with ST I can discover them (all were excluded or brand new devices). The ST and Habitat are next to each other and also put a new Fibaro motion sensor next to the Hubitat so distance should not be an issue.

I bought the EU version of the Habitat and live in NL. I have rebooted, swapped the Zigbee and Z-Wave, took out the Zigbee stick to only have Z-Wave. But nothing shows up when I go to discover devices.

Anything else I can try? How can I check whether the Z-Wave plus stick works properly? It does say EU version on stick after peeling off Habitat sticker.

Kind of frustrating as I had the weekend freed up for this and support is closed at the moment.


I've recently setup my HE myself and did not have any big issues and the discovery process was mostly very painless and HE discovered most of my devices right away.

As a start, I assume that your old ST was/is EU as well ?

I did run into slight issues with some Fibaro equipment which I had to fully reset before they were discovered by HE, but then it was easy going.

What kind of devices are you trying to pair ?

What do you get when you go to this URL ?: http://{your ip address}/hub/zwaveInfo

I see there is a z-wave reset option, it was not something I had to do, but it might be worth a shot.

Thanks Krtistjan.

  • When I load that URL I see the Z-wave page with an empty table, reset option, etc. Did try the reset but no luck.

  • I use an ST UK version with UK/EU travel plug. Never had issues with Zwave pairing there. Assume UK and EU are on same frequency, since Fibaro devices were all bought in EU and worked on the ST..

  • So far I tried Fibaro motion (new and discoverable on ST), Fibaro Dimmer 2 (excluded successfully from ST and discoverable on ST again). I could try more devices though.

It seems like you should be set then, but I would suggest to try another z-wave device to pair to see if you are having issues with Fibaro. I have paired an Aeotech multisensor and a Aeotech Dimmer without any issues

I myself am also using a Fibaro motion sensor, I haven´t paired a dimmer yet, but I do own one.

I come from the Vera and the pairing process in HE is better than on that controller. It seems to me that the pairing process in HE just runs for a long time and I found that it was possible to pair several devices at once.

Thanks a lot for the context. I now found and paired the first devices. As you explained, Fibaro seems to take long and multiple cycles. Still have 50 Fibaro dimmers to go, so that kind of sucks.. :wink:

If any tips on how to speed up Fibaro pairing, please let me know. On ST it is very smooth when excluding and including, so hope that HE will prove to be a step up in other fields..

No problem, glad that you are on your way.

As mentioned, I haven´t paired my dimmer yet, so I cannot comment on that, but I had some wall plugs and I found that the best way was to reset them after excluding them from the Vera. Then they paired immediately. I am not sure it is a fault of the HE, but rather some quirk in Fibaro.

What I have seen is that many of the Fibaro devices use a Z-Wave command class called Crc16Enacp which is currently not supported in HE (will be supported later). Perhaps this is used also while pairing the dimmers ? Not sure though, as I have been able to get all other Fibaro devices paired fine.

I searched for the Fibaro manual and I would suggest to factory reset the dimmers and then trying to pair them. This is from the manual for the Dimmer 2:


Link here: https://manuals.fibaro.com/content/manuals/en/FGD-212/FGD-212-EN-T-v1.3.pdf

Appreciate it!

What I learned so far is to initiate the inclusion mode (3 pushes on momentary switch) multiple times until it shows up in discovery on the HE. That works quite fast. Typically 3-5 times. Saves you opening up all wall switches for full reset.

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