Z-wave seems to be completely dead this morning

So I woke up to a weird problem this morning - none of my zwave devices operate from hub. Turning a switch on the device page simply does not work. Zigbee devices work fine. I tried rebooting the router of course, Where do I dig?

Try powering down the hub and removing the plug, then restoring power.

That’ll cause the z-wave radio to reboot.

Wouldn’t explain what happened, but might get things going again.

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hm interesting... that did the trick. Now I remember that this happened a couple of days ago when i was migrating stuff on c8. Though then I was rebooting it a few times and moving around, so I didn't pay particular attention to that incident. I hope this will not turn into a c8 issue.
Now that it's gone - what do I need to pay attention to next time around - logs to collect, things to check to troubleshoot it, except just pulling the plug?

Do you have cloud backup?
If yes, there's been some problems.
They're trying to track it down, but it's elusive.
It's happened to me once, a couple months ago or so.

You mean that having a cloud backup enabled on your hub causes the z-wave radio to temporarily stop working?

Very rarely.
It's an issue they're working on, hard to replicate, yada, yada, yada.

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umm I do have cloud backup. Had it since c7 - never been a problem there. I suspect since migrating to c8 it happened twice. Should I turn off cloud backup?

I see. Was it an issue replicated or acknowledged by the staff?

I haven't and I do a daily.
It all depends on your situation, I guess.

Yes. When I said "they're working on it", that was staff, and @bobbyD has acknowledged.


Personally, I wouldn’t. Unless perhaps this issue becomes more persistent?

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well, twice in 3 days doesn't sound like very rare to me :slight_smile:

I agree that 2 in 3 days is the opposite of rare :wink: Please send me a private message so we check the engineering logs (assuming your hub is connected to the cloud) to see if you are dealing with some other issue that is not related to the backup failure.

You could always create a warranty case by visiting below page for incidents such as this, that are covered by the warranty:

Got your message and checked your hub. The good news is that you didn't have any backups fail. The even better news is that Z-Wave radio isn't crashing. The not-so-good news is that something else causes the Z-Wave devices to appear to be unresponsive. I would screen your Logs for any errors and warnings.

Just as an aside, these Z-wave meshes are very delicate (zigbee's got its own issues, lol).

Yesterday, for whatever reason, a Z-wave switch in the basement dropped off the mesh. Other switches in the basement as well as some upstairs were affected. I have no idea how it was routing. Nothing short of bringing it upstairs to would get things going right again.

So, there's that, lol.

Hmmm. Mine was off as well this AM. Reboot fixed the issue.
This is about the 3rd time this has happened in 1 year which has not been enough for me to raise as an issue. Very odd though. Don't ever recall this ever happening on my C7 nor do I know if these 3 events started after I subscribed to Cloud Backups.

definitely never happened on c7... I migrated to c8 this sunday and it happened twice. I moved my subscription from c7 though, so not sure if there's a link there.

There wouldn't be. That actually doesn't have anything physically to do with your hub. It's simply your mac and uid are in their database. Nothing within that resides on your hub.

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Start by posting a screenshot of your Z-wave Details page. Maybe there will be a clue there.

Also, what do you have for power reporting devices on Z-wave? How did you set any power reporting devices? That is another easy way to overwhelm the Z-wave mesh.

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