Z-Wave S2?


Sorry if this has been asked before, but I could not find the answer. Are there plans for a version of Hubitat that will fully support Z-Wave S2 security?


I am also curious and pretty sure I asked this question also and didn’t get a reply.

Zooz makes an S2 Z-Wave stick so I wonder if it would work in the older HE that uses the Z-Wave sticks?



S2 depends on software implementation so Hubitat will need to incorporate it into the platform. S2 has been required by the Z-Wave Alliance for a while now so if they ever want to certify the product, it will need to be implemented.


I am surprised that this has gone unanswered. S2 capability would be a great option to have. So if the new hardware in the USA with the integrated radios were to already have a S2 capable Z-Wave chip, and the software component will be added in the future, I would definitely buy now.


And why you need S2 so badly? Because most of the actual devices in the market are non S2 and the S2 must fall back to the older specs. Any particular reason?


That's always my 1st question... I've read the S2 tech docs (more than once) with cybersecurity work I'm doing outside of Hubitat and I don't find it that interesting.

But I acquiesce that security, and how much is "good enough", is subjective.

I'm just not stressing out about MitM attacks on my zwave network so the new key handling is a "so what", I have no need to tunnel zwave over IP (another big S2 feature), and the changes to the secure pairing process isn't really interesting to me either in a home environment.

The only thing kind of nice in S2 is reducing needed commands from 3 to 1, thus reducing overhead/traffic/latency when communicating with those devices.


I did not intend to state that I "needed S2 badly". It is more of a "it would be nice to have for the future" feature. True there are few S2 devices now, but that will change, and since I am fairly new to Z-Wave, most of my devices are compatible.

I agree with most that the chances of someone hacking my Z-Wave network to gain access to my home is very slim, they could just break a window. But it sure would be nice to be able to turn this on if I wanted to.

Changing hubs will take a lot of work, so I'm evaluating if it will be worth it. Gaining S2 capability would be a positive, that I will probably never get with my current hub. And having a hub that could possibly act as a security system would be a benefit as well.


I get that. I just think it is a lot of development work and testing for not that much benefit. It isn't like there isn't encryption in S1... And all S2 devices have to fail back for compatibility reasons.

Or I suppose one could always go zigbee that is always encrypted.