Z-Wave S2 support requirements and timeline

Can we get some details on what's involved in adding S2 support to Hubitat? There was a technical discussion happening before a long-winded rant about living near others took over the thread. I think the concerns I and other have expressed are:

  • Will a hardware upgrade be required, or will the Evolution hubs be able to support it?
  • What kind of timeline are we looking to have this available?

Since there seems to be some misunderstanding about asking for this support. We'd like to have the option of deploying if the owner wants to. I haven't heard a single person say they want it forced on to anyone. That said, the owner should be able to make it mandatory on their own hub.

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Reposting the statement from the other thread for context.

I'm very glad to hear that. Can you share any of the problems you're running into?

I've taken code bases that haven't changed in 4 years and run them successfully on S2-capable cards and they work just fine, so I'm honestly very interested in hearing what the challenges are.

Hubitat does not issue timelines

I am not sure if the team is going to give those details out as it is most likely part of their product development. The team is very conscious about setting expectations, especially wrong expectations. That is why the answer to "When is the next SW update coming" always is "When it is ready". I can understand their position, they are a small team that needs to use their resources wisely.

The good news is that the team already confirmed that they working on it.

I know that more and more people are getting interested in S2. Most of them have their own reasons to go for it or to not go for it. Everyone is entitled to their opinion.

Here is the one thing I do say though, I did not get Hubitat because of S2. Hubitat has not stated that their product is S2 compatible, at least not when I looked up their product description. I am sure that it will come. Given all the work the team has to pull off, I would just ask for patience. You won't be disappointed.

Who knows, maybe they are trying to get it to work with hardware/platform XYZ, however, they don't to say it because in the end it might be ZYX.....

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That wasn't what I read... but was what I'm curious about. There is a huge difference between "it's in our near term goals" (but might take longer than we want) and "it's in our product backlog" which means "not even really considering it yet"

More to the point, each owner can decide to enable it or not :wink:

It does not mean that asking if they will add support is unreasonable. They sold it as a platform which would be evolving, not as a "finished" product.

That said, maybe the team really doesn't care for security. I just want to know that, rather than waiting around. Been on Wink waiting for so long, I'm trying to get ahead of it this time.

That is exactly the question I hoped to hear. "We are having difficulty with the existing USB stick" or stuff would let us know they are actively working. I personally don't care if they say the answer is that I have to buy the next-gen hub to get S2 security. I just want to know what issues they are facing, rather than sit by unable to evolve my network (again -- like Wink) while not knowing whether it has any focus.

I really like to stay away from taking individual sentences apart as I don't necessarily agree with your viewpoint of what a company should provide as information to their users while being in product development. However, you are absolutely entitled to your opinion and I value it as much as I hope you value mine.

You already referenced Bravenel's statement above that they are moving forward with the implementation.

To me, this reads as: "We are actively working on it, however, we are not ready to give out any details as of now".

However, that is just my interpretation of his statement.


We don't disclose implementation details, challenges or time lines.
If you need S2 security right now we're not going to be able to help you.