Z-Wave Repeater - Aeotec Range Extender 6

I have installed 2 of these units and only one of them is repeating, and it is only repeating for one other Z-wave device. One is within 10 feet of the Hubitat hub, one is out in my Garage where I have most of the issues. Anyone know how I can get these to repeat for more devices?

How long have they been in place?

What hardware version of the hub do you have?

C7 hub - have had them for around two months. I did have to change out a couple of Z-wave switches that died yesterday so I did a global z-wave repair because those dead devices were wreaking havoc across my whole house. But, even before that repair they have never repeated more than one device.

Since you have a C-7 I was going to suggest doing a single device Z-Wave repair on one of the problematic devices in the garage. You can watch the device on the Z-Wave page and see if it picks up a route through the repeater.

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Ok, due to the fact that I have had to make several Z-Wave changes and a global repair maybe I will let the network settle in for a few days and then try that.

Always a good idea. It does repair itself but it take a while.

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Thanks Eric