Z-Wave Repair

If I have all Z-Wave + devices, is there any value to running a z-wave repair? I’m thinking of after I join a new device, for example.

Theoretically, an all-Plus network will be fine on its own without ever doing a repair. Here's a staff source:

But running one shouldn't hurt, and if you have "classic" devices on your network or ones that don't support NWI (network-wide inclusion...I think this is mandatory for Z-Wave Plus, but there's almost always something with Z-Wave that became required for certification just before or after they introduced new branding, and I don't remember if this was one of those things), you may need to when adding, removing, or physically moving devices.


I’d recommend using the new zwave app “ Hubitat Z-Wave Mesh Details” for visibility. It was also noted in that release post that a repair is the most common way to get neighbor location updated.

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