Z-Wave Repair Devices

When I run a Z-wave repair on my C5 hub all the devices scroll by as they are mapped, or whatever the word is.

Have a C7 that I set up for a friend. When I do a repair on that one only a couple of the devices show up in the repair list even tho the others are working. Is this ok?

Generally not recommended to do a full z-wave repair on the C-7 (also not really necessary in most instances), but the progress messaging is somewhat different than what I’ve heard describe on the C-5 and prior.

Battery edge devices aren't included in the repair... Usually they will attach to the nearest mains powered unit (hub, repeater, etc)

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That brings me to the reason I was doing the repair.

The system has a couple of Zooz ZEN17 relay units to control some window actuators. The relays are about half way between the Hub and the windows. The hub seems to have no problem communicating with the relays.

On the windows we have some Dome sensors DMW2 units. The hub is repeatly missing events from the sensors.

We're thinking the sensors are too far from the hub, with a wall in between which is causing the problem. But If I read correctly the relays should act as a repeater. But how do I determine if the sensors did attach to the relays?

And again, it may be some other problem.

Look at the routing. If you have a C-7, Tony Fleisher’s (@tony.fleisher’s) excellent Z-Wave Mesh Tool (installable by HPM) is an easy way to get the needed information.

I ran the Mesh Tool. The sensors are connecting direct and not repeating thru the relays. Not sure why. Doing some other things to try and tie down the issue.

Thanks for the help.

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Try a beaming repeater close by... Like the Ring V2 extender

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