Z-Wave Power Strip

FYI I just received word that Zooz has release their Z-Wave Power Strip.

Platform version 1.1.5 will include a driver for this device.


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You get all the good stuff :slight_smile:


I just order a couple of them. Can't wait to get it. @mike.maxwell When will the update be out thanks.

Probably before your power strips arrive!


@mike.maxwell Thanks.

That would be cool! My power strip should be going out this afternoon if past experience is an indicator :grin:. I really love Zooz products.

I am looking forward to this improved strip. I have the original model, and it is very aggravating when we have a power outage and I have to go under the bed to flip all the outlets back on!

@denise.grider that the problem that I have also and another was that I could connect to Smartthing but not to Hubitat? It's been driving me crazy that I cannot so I order version 2 hopefully will be alot better.

Confusing that they used the same model number (ZEN20), but neat updates! I have the original, and it looks like wall-mounting holes on the back (with angled plug), power monitoring, S2, and the ability to remember and restore state on power outage are the updates (the old was also Z-Wave Plus). Explains why it was out of stock for so long. :slight_smile:


I thought 1.15 was coming out in November. Will this be a 1.14.x update then?

LOL - I think Bruce was kidding... At least I hope Bruce was kidding! :wink: Why else would he use an upside down smiley emoji?

Lol! Probably but you never know. :lying_face:

I can think of a few places I'd use one of these, I like that it tells you if something is plugged into the USB port or not. Very cool.

I am planning on using one for my desktop computer with 3 monitors. I installed sense into my home and my three DELL 32” monitors draw 30w when in standby. So this is perfect to just shut them off after inactivity in the room.

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@aaron How does the sense work for you and are you happy with it?

I have only had it installed for less than a week. Already I see my total consumption and it has identified (4) devices so far. I really like the IFTTT integration too which enables me to use Sense with HE. Quite excited when my washer/dryer/dishwasher gets discovered. I purchased this over the Aeon Gen5 after discovering it only monitors (1) power source per Aeon. So basically after (3) of these I would have the same investment as the Sense plus have to use more power and more complexity. Hoping to port the ST integration over to HE if I discover IFTTT doesn't do it what I need.

You'll be able to use both versions of the device with the driver that was just released in 1.1.5.

@krlaframboise Do we have to use a vitrual switch with the new Zooz Power Strip? Cause I only get the main switch that turn the unit off or on? Should we be able to use or control all 5 endpoint?

@aaron Thanks for the info. I will probably get this as I was looking at it.

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Click configure and refresh. 5 child devices get created.