Z-Wave Pause / Disruption Every 30 minutes

At the top of every hour and half past every hour, there is a pause in my Z-Wave network that lasts approximately 30 seconds. I believe that this started happening after migrating from my C-7 hub to the C-8 hub. I have tried disabling every lighting automation, rule machine rules, etc. and nothing has had any impact. I used a Z-Wave stick and confirmed that I have no ghost nodes as well.

The only job I can find that always runs every 30 minutes on the nose is the ZWaveNodeStatisticsJob and I'm able to confirm that the interruption happens during this timeframe. Unfortunately, I cannot disable/delete this job from the UI to confirm whether or not this is causing the issue. Is there any way I can disable this temporarily to narrow down my issue?



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OOps . Beta.

Thats a beta thread so only beta testers can see it.

Basicially, @velvetfoot had the same thought and I think confirmed it was the cause of the issue for them, but no one else was able to reproduce it.

I think the dev added an endpoint to disable that job specially for this case, but I don't think it was ever posted for everyone, may have only been sent to @velvetfoot via PM from staff. Unless it is buried in that thread somewhere.

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did you see this .. jtp10181 ?

If the grand poobahs at Hubitat aren't responsive, I can send you the link that @bcopeland sent me. It worked for me. You'd think after all this time it would've been fixed. Oh well. I guess it doesn't Matter, does it? :slight_smile:

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Well that other post is not exactly related to this one, and you did not correctly tag me (just linked to me profile), so no I did not see it, but now I do.

Just wondering if you have an idea .. talk there ?

This is what @bcopeland sent me back in November
He really should be addressing the issue in public.

edit: I meant to PM it, but the cat's out of the bag, I guess. :slight_smile:


I just tried it again, and couldn't get it to do its pausing thing.
(Enabled it, waited to the top of hour, and did some z-wave stuff).
So, maybe it's been fixed.
I'm running beta version

I'm running and I still see the issue. I'll try disabling that job as mentioned above and see.



I meant

I can confirm that disabling zwave stats using the endpoint above fixes my issue.

I will wait for to be officially released, enable zwave stats and test again. Thanks @velvetfoot !


I'll also try again later to see if I can induce it.
Glad it worked for you!

@bcopeland @support_team :point_up_2:


I'm also experiencing this issue on ZWave commands on the hour just stopped for a short period and then worked again a minute later. Just updated to and disabled the stats job and appears to go away. Suspect the disabling of the stats job was the fix and not the update to but not 100% positive.

Too late now, but it's also on the half hour! LOL.

Just tried on the half hour and it didn't misbehave.