Z-wave parameters and associations

I am currently a Vera user and have just purchased a C8 hub. At this point I have added a single motion sensor. Trying to validate the inclusion and learn this new interface, I went searching for where to alter z-wave parameters and set device associations. Am I correct in that there is no manufacturer provided apps for either of these activities? Is this something that has been overlooked short term for this new hub or are there no plans to add support for these features?

I think ease of viewing/modifying both parameters and associations are extremely important in a home controller, especially one so focused on local control. Are the community provided options acceptable for use? Will they continue to be supported long term?

Direct Associations is a "pre-Hub" idea of how to build a smart home. In a hub centric home, such as Hubitat, you Join all the devices to the hub and use hub automations to interconnect them. Because of backwards compatibility, Associations are permitted, but it's rare to see the feature exposed.

One example of an app that you might find interesting:

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There is a built in device driver named Device that you can temporarily change to and override the Zwave parameters, but in general its use is not required as the individual drivers normally allow for the setting of these if/when appropriate.


Acceptable, yes
Good quality code, maybe
Long term support, no guarantees

If you have any issues or questions on a specific zwave device post the make/model and/or a screenshot of the data section at the bottom of the device page.

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I have 2 z-wave bulbs (LB60Z-1) in a room, and I have a controller switch (WT00Z-1) that can be used to turn them on/off and adjust dimming. Previously this was handled by associating the bulbs with the switch. The bulbs were also controlled by the hub for events such as away, turn on 30 minutes before dark, etc.
I have forgone the association for the moment to try to duplicate the wall switch functionality through the new C8. I have managed to turn them on and off, although they now do so at different times instead of in sync, but I have no idea how to adjust the dim level through the basic rules engine. Is that even possible or is there a different app I need to use to configure this functionality?
This is the type of scenario where I don't believe associations to be a pre-hub concept, but a matter of simplification of configuration where there is no need to build an automation for something that a device is designed to do natively.

For diming do you hold the paddle down?
Are you seeing any button pushed/held events for that device? In the manual I found it mentions scene control but doesn't saw how exactly, often this is with "CentralScene" events.

I do agree for this case the associations may actually be better due to the complications of trying to do smooth dimming through the hub. Also this particular device appears to have been designed with the intention of using associations.

Do you know what association groups you need to use? The manual I found does not list them: https://gocontrol.com/manuals/WT00Z-1-Install.pdf

I have a crude tool that would allow you to set any associations you want as long as you know the group numbers: [BETA] ZWave Tweaker port from ST (It can also scan the groups to see if the devices reports any info about them).

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Yes, I can hold the paddle up or down to adjust the dim level, while a tap up or down turns them on/off. It needs to use association group 1. For the manual, it actual uses a different firmware/parameters than the gocontrol version, yet they share the same model number, very frustrating. Here is the correct manual. Linear WT00Z-1 - Installation Manual - Alarm Grid

Associating Z-Wave devices to control from the WT00Z-1Refer to your controllers instructions to find out how to associate Z-Wave devices. You can associate another Z-Wave device into any or all of the 4 available groups in the WT00Z-1. The four groups are described below:Group 1Nodes in this group are turned ON by tapping the top of the paddle or OFF by tapping the bottom of the paddle. Nodes associated into this group are dimmed by pressing and holding the bottom of the paddle until the desired dim level is reached or brightened by pressing and holding the top of the paddle until the desired level is reached

Thanks for pointing me to that driver. I was able to add the association and everything is working as expected now.

Hmm that is a very odd device, typically Group 1 is the lifeline, and sends status updates to the hub only. Are you still getting updates from the device to the hub after changing the group 1 associations? If not you may need to add node "01" back to group 1.

Glad you got it working though.

Yes, I did include 1 in the group so lifeline and status would keep working correctly. It is an older device from before group 1 was considered lifeline when I believe Lutron had the patent on instant status.

I'm trying to get the WT00Z-1 to work as well but having no luck. I changed the device type to Zwave Tweaker, changed Association Group ID: to 1, changed Association Group Members: to 13:1 (13 being the ID number of the other zwave device), set command class to multi-channel, saved preferences. I'm not sure what device type to set it to after that or what steps I am missing to make it work.

13:1 would set a multichannel association, so device 13 and endpoint 1 on that device.
You probably want to set the association to 01,13 as single channel. That will set an association of node 01 (hub) and node 13.

With regards to your WT00Z-1, I followed the thread link in this reply to another post and it worked for me. I recall sending the command using the link below for an example. My WT00Z-1 worked after that. I do not have this switch anymore as all of my Linears/GoControls that were part of a 3 way have failed..

following up to close this one out. After another attempt I was unable to get this driver swap approach to work. However I was able to use the Advanced send command functionality to send an association message to the scene controller. That worked like a charm first time. The thread where that method is discussed (with enough explanation of the zwave command classes to construct the message) is How to use the "Advanced" Send Z-Wave command that is in the driver page? - #6 by wayne.pirtle

I tried 3 different ways (1. Zwave Tweaker, 2. Advanced Send Z-Wave Command, 3. Button Controller app) to get the WT00Z to control my Linear WD500Z Dimmer but no luck. Then I remembered I went through this whole mess of trying to change bunch of settings when I had these switches on my old Vera 3. I remembered I found some documentation somewhere and it was a very simple solution by just pressing keys on the switches. I remembered something about tapping the WT00Z four times.

I tapped the top of the WT00Z switch 4 times and the LED started blinking on it. While WT00Z was blinking, I then went to the WD500Z dimmer and held the top of the switch to dim up, then dimmed down, then tapped up, then tapped down, then up again. Not really sure what sequence of pushing the switch on or off did the trick but now the WT00Z controls the dimmer. (Hubitat is not able to turn on/off the WT00Z but doesn't matter)

I'll see if I can find some information on why this works.

You must have put it into a learning mode and then it listens for dimming commands, setting that as its new Group 1 association.

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