Z-wave devices not responding

Hi all

I have 5 Fibaro FGMS-001 motion sensor. They all report temperature, lux & battey OK but nothing else, no motion. They all flash LED as I walk passet.
I have 3 POPP outlets that will not turn on / of from web page. They do not report status change if I physically switch them off. They all report energy use.
2 Fibaro FGDW-002 door / window sensor that do not report open / closed. But still report temperature.
Aeotec Multisensor 5 not reporting motion, but report battery & temperature.
Qubino 2 Relay Module will not switch on or off from web page. But still reports energy use when physically switched on.

I have updated z-wave radio firmware. This resolved issues for about a week but then back as above.

If power off & unplug hub for 10 minutes when back on every thing will work OK for an hour or so, then back as above.

I tried excluding, resetting & including a FGMS-001 but it will not include no matter what I do. Tried including a Aeotec Multisensor 5 but that will not include either.

Z-wave details page shows 10 devices as "OK" "Refresh" "Repair" If I do a Repair it tells me all 10 have failed. Which is incorrect as they do work occasionally.

All Zigbee devices, Hue bulbs & sonoff temp sensors work OK.

Before I nuke the lot & wipe hub completely has anyone got any suggestions as to what could be causing this ??

Not an expert, but it's amazing how one crappy, or maybe not even crappy, device can take down the whole z-wave mesh. This happened to me the other day. I included a new z-wave device, everything ran fine for a couple of days, then boom...no z-wave. Zigbee...fine. I kind of figured there was a connection, so I excluded the device and voila...everything z-wave working again. I have no idea why.

edit: I'd say, see if you can retrace your steps, if there's anything you did recently.

Any sensors or power metering devices dial back the reporting as much as you can, or temporarily pull the batteries on non critical devices to see if that helps.

Also post a screenshot of your zwave details (can be multiple screenshots).

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Sorry about the delay.
Have removed all battery from devices. powered off three outlets. Guess what ....... Thermostat turns heating on, works fine at the moment. Hot water thermostat also tuns boiler on & off now. Fingers crossed it stays OK.
I will leave as is for a day & see what occurs. Then if still OK I guess I need to add devices back one at a time & see which is causing the problems.
Oldest non Z-wave plus are the two FGK-10X fw 3.2 Could be them ???

@ jtp10181 Thanks for the suggestion

I am not up the snuff on some of the older zwave technology. Looks like FGK-10X is a Fibaro door sensor. You say it is non-plus so is this what I have seen people calling a FLiRS device?

I am not sure how a door sensor would work well if it is not sending out immediate status reports, which is what ZWave Plus is all about AFAIK.

You also have a bunch of sensors paired with S0 security which adds a bunch of overhead. Unfortunately there is no easy way to pair them without security.

Anything that is Zwave Plus, with Security None should be safe to hook back up right away. Check the settings for those and optimize the reporting to be the least frequent you need info from the devices.

Grab this app and set it up, it shows some additional metrics I think might help, like the number of messages. We will be able to see if a particular device is especially chatty. : [BETA] A Z-Wave Mesh Tool [C7 and 2.2.4+ Only]

Your Boiler, Hot Water, and Freezer "Power_Switch" devices look to be struggling, I assume they are plug/outlets. Are they power metering or just on/off?

Probably not. FLiRS devices are end devices that wake up often to listen for commands. They tend to be things like door locks or other z-wave devices that need to respond to commands rather than just waiting to send an event. A contact sensor doesn't need to listen for commands from the hub. A lock or keypad, on the other hand, generally does.

So what would a non-plus door sensor do differently that a zwave plus door sensor? Trying to think if it could have a greater impact on zwave traffic or basically the same as a plus device.

Z-Wave Plus tends to have greater range and battery life and a more efficient way of sending updates to the hub. There are probably a lot more technical differences but that's the way I generally understand it. Some older z-wave non-plus devices will not alert the hub of a manual change - a light switch being turned on or off manually. These have to be polled for the hub to get those status updates. Shouldn't be a big deal with a contact sensor.

@jtp10181 Boiler is Aeotec Nano Switch & controls boiler for heating. Hot Water is Quibno 2 Relay Module & controls boiler for hot water. I could probably move their ariels in to a better orientation, but is a pain as loads of wires stuffed into the box. Freezer is Foxx ZW075-C07 clone of Aeotec outlet.

Looks like some of the FGMS motion sensors have SO & some do not. May have to re include ones without after I get this sorted.

I already have z-wave Mesh Tool installed, will have another look at it

After the hub has been up for a bit, under the RTT number there is a count. I believe this is the number of messages that the RTT average is based on. So, should be able to easily spot any devices that are especially chatty based on a high message count. Sometimes devices will send repeated status updates that the driver may just drop as duplicates so its not always easy to spot what device is spamming just from events or logs.

@jtp10181 The 3 devices you commented on earlier....

Boiler count: 89 route changes 92
Hot Water count: 245 route changes 99
Freezer count: 125 route changes 50

Hub powered off 48 hours ago, I don't know if the stats above are just from then or from previous boot ?
Freezer is in the garage & a long way from hub the furthest device.
Need to experiment with Boiler & Hot Water aerials tomorrow.

Those stats should be cleared at reboot.

Those are massive route change numbers. Those device are pummeling your mesh with discovery packets every time they change routes.

You may need some repeating devices between those and the hub. If you have any spare non-metering outlet/plugs drop one in somewhere in the middle, it might help. The outlets you removed were also possibly repeating for those, and maybe have made it worse

I believe some of those Quibno devices have power reporting correct? If you are not using the power info I would turn it off. If you are using it, see if you could dial it back a little and still get the info you need. Same goes with the other two, not sure if they have any stats or are they just on/off?

Turned all power reports off for Hot Water. Hot water routes to another qubino then back to the hub.
Boiler routes to Hot Water then to Hub. There are other repeaters near them, but they choose not to use them. Just thought Microwave is on a Foxx ZW075-C07 within 2 meters of Boiler & Hot Water, But I switch it on & off as I use it. Maybe an idea to leave it on.

If things are still behaving in the morning I will power hub down, play with aerials & power up. Then will watch the numbers on the offending devices.

Got to go & eat now. Thanks for your help. Update in morning.

If you are switching the zwave device on and off thats fine for it to be in an off state, it will still repeat. If you are cutting the power to the zwave device via a switched outlet, that could be bad if it is repeating for other devices.

As far as the routes... the route shown is not always the route it is taking. No sure why, zwave just does what it wants. So it could be using the repeaters on and off but it is not landing on anything reliable so it keeps trying new routes. If it is sending a high volume of messages out, especially in quick succession, this will be a higher chance of a transmission errors which can then lead to route discovery and changes. Constant route changes will bog down the mesh which leads to more errors and more route discovery to try and find better routes. Eventually you get to a state where nothing works anymore, and the radio possibly locks up.

We will see if your adjustments improve things by tomorrow. Hopefully this is enough info to get you going in the right direction.