Z-Wave devices all suddenly showing as BASIC_TYPE_SLAVE_[SIC]

Hey all,

I updated my C-7 hub to yesterday and noticed today that most of my Z-Wave devices are not responding. I checked the Z-Wave settings page of the hub and discovered that most of my devices changed to BASIC_TYPE_SLAVE_[SIC] and are non-responsive.

What's also weird is that it started showing my Zooz light switch as SPECIFIC_TYPE_SOUND_SWITCH after I refreshed the device.
Rebooting the hub and running a repair did not fix the issue. I ended up restoring the Z-Wave radio from a cloud backup which returned all the devices to their normal states. Has anyone seen anything like this before?

If you see this again, try shutting down the hub, pull power from wall not from hub (USB connection on hub can be fragile), wait a minute, plug back in. That may restore things, has worked in the past.

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Will try that if it happens again. Thank you!

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@kevdliu You have at least 1 ghost that needs to be removed.

Which one? The Aeon labs wallmote or nanomote? May not be a ghost. When the hub is restarted, those devices don’t show a route until the first time they’re used.

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True.... Shutting down and power cycling will probably resolve that

Actually, all they have to do is push any button on the wallmote or nanomote, and routes will appear.

Yup, the remotes are working fine. Routes appeared after using the remote. Thanks for the heads up though.


Just had this happen tonight. I did NOT update at all, still on Z-wave was entirely trashed. I think this will hurt HE further adoption, as many non tech saavy would just give up. A shutdown/power pull for 20 minutes did fix it. We should not need a "bag of tricks" to keep things stable

According to this post Z Wave issue strange issues post firmware update - #10 by rlithgow1 it seems to be caused by the ZWave SDK and not Hubitat. Could be a problem with the 700 radio. Do you also have the C7?

Yes, a C7, I also have a C4 which has been winning in terms of stability. Also have a C5 but it has no z-wave devices and is used for integrations only

Next time just a minute is fine, less is also fine, but I wait a minute to show that I am finally mature enough to "wait a minute." :wink:

Any reason you haven't update to .142? Have you done the Z-Wave firmware update (separate from the hub FW update).

Being at the mercy of SilLabs and their Z-Wave SDK is indeed a problem w/no clear solution, unless HE abandoned Z-Wave which is not going to happen...


Well I like to be able to go back to a stable release point should any issues occur, and with 6- 8 sub revisions that will blow out the prior full release(2.3.0), and having done the z-wave firmware update weeks prior, I didn't see any major benefit being on .142(for my setup).
It was just so odd, as I've never had this issue and thought the hub was on its way out. Plus thinking the latest z-wave firmware update had resolved all bugs.

Before I knew of the power pull fix, I started trying to re-pair my Fan/Light Thankfully it was late, and I said screw it, I'll deal with it later. Later I wound up discovering the "power pull fix"
Only 1 day earlier I was 450 miles away and this would have been a major problem. Next I need to look into how to cut power remotely, after doing a shutdown, preferably using wifi, as that seems more reliable.

Hopefully this is just a one-off....wondering is anyone doing regular shut downs to avoid this?

Do we know if this a new bug in the SDK, or an "old bug just waiting his turn"?

I think it simply exposes a minor bug in the sdk but anytime you're not seeing a route in a working device, it's a way to kick things

Which I don't remember seeing before the recent Z-Wave FW update, do you? Wonder if the remaining Z-Wave FW update that SilLabs released 7.17.2 (which HE hasn't released to us yet) contains a fix for this?

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I remember having something similar happen before the recent FW update. All my ZW devices became unresponsive and I had to restore the radio to fix it (didn't know the power cycle trick back then). I don't remember whether the devices all had BASIC_TYPE_SLAVE_[SIC] that time though.

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