Z-Wave Detail No Device Name

I have three devices that show up in Z-Wave Details and have no device names. I clicked Refresh and got the Discover button which appears to do nothing when I click on it. These devices have a Route and show neighbors. Are these ghosts or something else?

Shut down your hub. Then unplug it, and wait about 20 or 30 seconds and then plug it in again.

That may help clear things up.

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That wont make devices magically attach to those nodes.

@mwiseman have you force removed any devices from the hub devices list? That is what would cause this. When you refresh the node 0x51 do you get the remove option or does it still stay checked?

The last one, node 0x54 looks to be totally dead, only 1 neighbor. That one if you click on Refresh and then remove, the hub should be able to remove it.

The other two, I would try running a repair, that gives you a little more feedback so you can determine if there is a devices on the other end listening or not.

Prefer to start troubleshooting on a clear/clean radio. Under the category of won't hurt, might help. :slightly_smiling_face:

I tried to remove the three devices with no success. I tried repairing each individual device and all three failed with the node unreachable.

I don't think I force removed any Z-Wave devices; but I was moving everything over from SmartThings and SmartThings required a lot of force removes.

I went through my house and verified that all of my physical Z-Wave devices have an entry and these three definitely don't have a physical device that I know about. These three devices sure seem like ghosts. It just bothers me that they all show routes and two of them show multiple neighbors.

Probably got part way through pairing and failed. Not sure why they sometimes hang onto a route like that. You would need a USB stick to remove them:

-- How To: Remove Ghosts using hub tools or a UZB Stick

0x54 you should be able to remove from the hub.

I've got a USB Z-Wave Stick. I'll give it a try.