Z wave command


tried reading some of the guidance but am struggling without examples.

i have this for a device which i want to send as a z wave command

payload: "{"args":[{"nodeId":15,"commandClass":135},"set",[[{"indicatorId":13,"propertyId":1,"value":100},]}"

any pointers welcome.

so far think i need

zwave.indicatorV3.indicatorSet(indicatorCount:3 , value:0, payload:

but how i can convert the above to hex?



Are you writing a driver for this device? If so, you really want something like this. You can convert decimal to hex if you want, but there shouldn't be any reason to, even though most Z-Wave folks are probably used to seeing it that way (but I say that with this code being completely untested):

  value: 0,
  indicatorValues: [[indicatorId:13, propertyId:1, value:100]]

But it might be good to know what device this is or what you're trying to do. Casual Googling suggests this might be a Ring Outdoor Siren. Hubitat has a built-in driver for this. Do none of the provided commands do what you want? Or if you aren't intending to write your own driver, these commands will be what you need to use to make the device work for you in apps, etc.

Thank you.

It is a ring outdoor siren but the only thing the inbuilt driver can do is the siren.

Other platforms have got the led to work.

Thus teyingto see if I can do some basic commands.

Then will work up to full driver.

Any help appreciated.

I am trying the send z wave command on teh device page and i get:

contains illegal character for hexBinary: zwave.indicatorV3.indicatorSet(indicatorCount:1,value:0,indicatorValues:[[indicatorId:13,propertyId:1,value:100]])



OP inquiry is related to this post which has a little more info: [RELEASE] Z-Wave Universal Device Scanner - #4 by gettimhere

From the device page under the Advanced send zwave command you have to just send the full hex string for the command, nothing else. I like to work it up in PC Controller and copy/paste. Give me a minute.

I think this will do it

87 01 00 01 0D 01 64

Here is how I got it.

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thank you. what is the tool you are using?

i ended up revrse engineering and writing my own driver.


also next question.

multiple indicators? how to?

i have this command
cmds.add(zwave.indicatorV3.indicatorSet(indicatorCount:1, value: 0, indicatorValues:[[indicatorId:0x0D, propertyId:1, value:0x64]]).format())
which does a strobe

cmds.add(zwave.indicatorV3.indicatorSet(indicatorCount:1, value: 0, indicatorValues:[[indicatorId:0x0D, propertyId:9, value:0x01]]).format())

which does siren


cmds.add(zwave.indicatorV3.indicatorSet(indicatorCount:1, value: 0, indicatorValues:[[indicatorId:0x0D, propertyId:1, value:0x64],[indicatorId:0x0D, propertyId:9, value:0x01]]).format())

to get both.

any hints greatly appreciated..

thanks for all the support

Change this to indicatorCount: 2 (or whatever number of these you are passing in the list).


Have you tried the Strobe command or anything else on the page? I don't have one of these so can't say for sure (or test what what anything does), but it looks like it can do more than the siren.

That being said, wiring your own driver is a fine approach too. Just wanted to make sure you really need to. :slight_smile:

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Just starting to write a driver.

Got the siren, strobe, logo and green led working.

Will refine more with battery, tamper etc.

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