Z-Wave 800 LR Sensors - Is there anything special we have to do to pair?

I just purchased two Zooz ZSE-42 800LR moisture sensors. Currently I'm of the belief that my C8 hub will not pair as a LR hub. I'm thinking it's kinda like security, an optional way to connect a device.

Am I way off base here?

I'm really not sure what the question is (your hub pairing as an LR...hub?), but this document might answer what it is. :smiley:

Your C-8 supports LR, and LR is only supported via SmartStart (most easily done via the mobile app_, if that summarizes the answer to your question.


Also check out this app for managing SmartStart, along with my quick instructions in the second post for adding new LR devices.

You do not HAVE to add the devices in LR mode either, you can pair them as Mesh if you want.


Question, what is SmartStart? Is that a HE app or something outside of HE? That hub documentation just says use SmartStart, not what it is.

It is part of Z-Wave standards. HE implements it by scanning the device QR code into the mobile app. The Docs article above has a link to another page.

Z-Wave LR requires the use of Z-Wave SmartStart for inclusion. Follow the process on the Add Device page under How to Add a Z-Wave LR Device to do so.

You have to open up the "How to Add a Z-Wave LR Device" section to find the SmartStart Info. @bertabcd1234 is that the only place that SS instructions exists? Seems like it should not be buried only in the LR instructions since it can be used for any decvice.

Info from SiLabs

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Yes, it's the only place. IMHO, SmartStart inclusion used to work so awkwardly (e.g., confusingly not taking the name you put in) that I didn't really want to encourage its use when not necessary. :slight_smile: But that could probably be reconsidered now...though there are still some reasons, like it being an entirely different flow from other kinds of devices.

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Not quite, it also tells you exactly how to use it. :slight_smile:

Is it true that it is not possible to update the firmware on Long Range Z-Wave devices in Hubitat?

Any other ways to update them?

I have two Zooz LR motion sensors, but I don't think I personally would get any more LR Z-Wave devices unless there is a way to update firmware.

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The system app does not work with ANY S2 paired device.
The workaround has been to use the old driver version, but that has an issue with LR devices. I have a copy of it locally that I got to work on LR (one line of code to fix it). Have not published it yet. Holding out in hopes that HE will fix the built in app.


True at the moment. I believe Jeff has a hip-pocket option for FW updates, but it would be nice to see staff (@bcopeland) address this issue of not being able to update S2 or LR devices.

While I'm grateful that Jeff likely has an option, this kind of thing should not fall exclusively on the community to solve -- if HE is going to claim they support LR, this capability should be part of that.


For sure. Firmware updates have proven to be necessary in the past for me.
Perhaps @bcopeland could chime in on this thread?

FWIW my new Zooz ZSE70 paired LR right out of the box first time out. No special chants, spells, incantations or special dance moves.


Yeah I have removed and paired mine back a dozen times at least with different settings (testing the driver), has been flawless on both mesh and LR.

Curious thought about the whole LR approach. We all remember earlier in the Z-Wave introduction the big benefit was the "mesh network". Now it seems the "mesh" is old school :grinning:

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If LR genuinely & consistently ends up having the legs it claims to have (reviews on that front seem mixed thus far), then sure, LR is the future of ZW.

But until LR becomes more of the standard in terms of broad (device) availability and all kinks are worked out, mesh will continue to carry the water.

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The change is interesting. :slight_smile: Courses for horses, as they say...presumably the tech "back in the day" wasn't there for ZW-LR so mesh was the best way to go for that generation of devices. Fast-forward to today and now we can have our Z-Wave LR devices direct connected at distance. Nice not to have to worry about "rogue" ZW devices going down/ghosting and taking out other devices.

And perhaps the developers found a "huge" mesh is not needed in the current world of home automation.