Yet Another Notification Device Driver

I have a few chatty applications that seem to generate a fair number of notifications over the week, and wanted a quick way to split out the notifications from a few "important" applications and display them on a dashboard. Using the driver below, I created a few notification devices (1 per important application, and then a general for everything else), added them as notification destinations to the applications I was interested in monitoring, and then used attribute tiles to display the content. The driver is fairly basic, but allows the last 5 notifications received to be displayed on a tile either vertically or horizontally (think scroller tile).


Hi @thebearmay , this may be just what I am looking for. I am wanting a tile on my Dashboard that displays the notifications that come up on my phone. I currently have a tile with the device being my phone and attribute notificationText, but it only displays one notification at at a time and i'd like to see more. So using this driver, how do I get the notifications from HE pointed to your device tile? Do I need to write a rule to send the notifications to the driver? Thanks in advance!

Any place that you have the phone listed as a notitfication device just add the driver as a second device.

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Ahhh got it, so in all my apps and rules where my S20 phone is listed I will add your driver in addition to the S20. Sometimes things just don't click until it's said in a different way, nicely put.
Just curious, is there a way to write a rule of sorts to push all the S20 notifications to your driver without having to edit all my apps and rules for 2 notification devices?

There isn’t a rule, and it wouldn’t help you in this instance, but what you would need is a Notification Proxy device/app. Device would recieve the notiftications, and the app would maintain a list of devices to forward the notifcations to. The other way to do it would be to have an app subscribe to the notification events for an existing device and then forward them to all of the devices it has listed. Should be easy enough to create if someone hasn’t already done it. Might have to look at that today…

Thank you. That's what I was thinking but it's way beyond my capabilities, I'll dig into my apps and rules and add in your device. I'll go with the KISS method :slight_smile: :grinning:

Look at this:

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Well i'll be...look at that, sounds exactly like what you were saying. I am going to fiddle with this to see what happens. Thanks so much. My plan is to have a tile with the notifications scrolling through. I can manage a little CSS with the help of google, lol.

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I decided it was just as simple to do it just using your tile and edit my rules. What the difference between last5 and last5H?

last5H is horizontal - think left-right scroller/ticker

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Got it! Thanks again. It works great!
Hubitat Dashboard - Google Chrome 2021-12-07 10-51-25

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One more question. All my notifications are coming in with a date-time stamp (in addition to %time% I have in some of my rules). See example "Rosanna Left..." Any way to get rid of it or is this autogenerated by HE?

The device driver has the option to change the notification date/time format, but "None" isn't a current option. Could add it pretty quickly if you like though.

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If you could that would be great! Right here right?

Right there, and the source has been updated in HPM as well as Github.

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Thanks SO much!

No problem. The scrolling CSS you're using in conjunction with this looks good. Let me know if you think of any additional changes that could be useful.

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Sooooo, I got the 'ol 1024 characters warning using 10 lines of notifications. No way around that is it? Just keep it to 5 lines or try and keep my character down for the actual notifications themselves?