Yeelight Color Bulb Status Not Changing - Again

@bravenel, This was working fine for a few days then stopped. Nothing was changed.
I have a yeelight YLDP06YL and when I change the hue or saturation on the device page the status does not change. The following pic shows what I am trying to set it to but the states don't. The bulb is currently on also. I am using the yeelight RGB driver but have tried the RGBW also with same results.

Is there a reason why this thread does not get any response? I would think I would get some response from Staff since it is a built-in App.

Anything? Anyone? Staff? This is the second time I have posted an issue about the yeelights device page not showing any changes.

Anyone else have Yeelight bulbs that are having this issue with the states not changing on the device page, and Dashboard, when you change the Set Hue or Set Saturation values? TIA