Yamaha Receivers and MusicCast integration

Is there a current integration with Yamaha receivers either directly or via MusicCast? I have Harmony hubs and alexa integration but looking to cut out the middle man in automations. I see an old one that was withdrawn but nothing current.

I use the http commands to musiccast to get the basic commands (ie on/off, play, stop, next etc) working, I think I've seen discussion about a community driver, think it was made by @codeahq

I created a virtual button and added the http commands there and then just button presses from either the dash or the rule manager.
You can find the basic functions here :


I am using a driver that works with Yamaha network receivers. It appears to use their web interface to send commands. It is the withdrawn one. No idea why they did that.

That is the same method as in the other driver. Thanks for the document of commands.

Can someone please share the driver?

Can someone please share the drives with me as well?

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I have tried posting it to to avail ... ... I will create a github account ... Try this link ...
https://github.com/CreatureOfHubitat/Yamaha-NVR-Hubitat both are drivers. You will need the IP address which you should reserve via your router. USE RAW mode to copy and paste.