Yale Connect Wi-Fi Bridge & Yale Access

I'm thinking about buying and installing new door locks from Yale.

  • Yale Doorman L3
  • Yale Linus together with Yale Smart Keypad.

I'm wondering if anyone has been able to (or working on an app to) integrate the Yale Connect Wi-Fi Bridge and/or Yale Access into Hubitat to be able to access some of the lock functions from Hubitat?

Some links below to the products.
I was only able to find some products on the Swedish site though..........sorry for that.

Yale Connect Wi-Fi Bridge:

Yale Access:

Yale Doorman L3:

Yale Linus:

Yale Smart Keypad:

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@Chewbacca any news on this topic?
Or maybe someone els has gotten it to work with hubitat?

No news yet.
I haven't got my lock yet either so haven't tried anything myself.

Just read that it shall be compatible with Google home.
I don't know though if it is possible to get some type of indication from Google home to Hubitat?
For example that the door is locked, and send that information to Hubitat?
The "if" conditions in Google home seems to be very limited........

Yeah, your right!
I am hopeing someone is going to write the code/driver for this then. Its still a pretty new product. :+1:

Assa Abloy, that owns Yale, also owns August Home and it seems like the Yale Connect Wi-Fi Bridge is just a "rebranded" part from August.

Maybe the August Applet in IFTTT will work with Yale too or maybe some August app for Hubitat will work for Yale locks too (or maybe can be rewritten to work with Yale).

I haven't been able to test anything yet since I'm still waiting for my new door.

August Home | Smart Door Locks and Accessories

Yeah, you might be right!
If i get the time i will check if it works!
maybe this weekend!

Have you had time to test this yet?

The IFTTT integration does work for Yale Linus as does the Alexa and Google. With HomeKit I have status > HomeKit only. The bridge is finicky to setup though and does seem to have periodic disconnect issues. So far half happy.

Have you managed to get the information from the lock into Hubitat, or control the lock from Hubitat?

Well I do but via MQTT which might not suit you. Bluetooth integration of the lock I doubt is possible.

Via IFTTT is possible or HomeKit might work (using a virtual HE device from HE) or some interaction with Alexa/Google.

I am not happy with the stability of the connection with the Connect module though

I have connected my Yale lock to Hubitat through IFTTT (IFTTT sends the status of the lock to Hubitat), but it seems like IFTTT only get the updated status from the lock about 75% of the times.............very annoying........

Is this what you meant with stabilty of the Connect module?

Are you getting connect/disconnect messages re the connect box ?

What are your signal strengths like on Bluetooth and WiFi ? It just seems on my unit both need good connections and then it works OK

I don't have any connect/disconnect issues, and all lock/unlock activities show up in the "Yale Access" app logg so I don't think I have any problems with WiFi or Bluetooth.
My signal strengths are (according to the Yale Access app):
WiFi SNR: 46 (good)
WiFi RSSI: -54 (good)
Bluetooth RSSI: -75 (ok)

I have done some more testing and the issue I seem to have with my Yale Doorman L3 lock when the connection to IFTTT and/or Hubitat doesn't work is the following:

When I lock my door with the lock "button" on the outside keypad of the lock, nothing seems to be reported to IFTTT since the IFTTT applets doesn't run.

This seems to cause some issues for me with the rule in Hubitat in the next step when I unlock my door.
Since the virtual lock in Hubitat is already unlocked, the virtual lock doesn't change and the rule doesn't run when I unlock my lock.
That might be possible to change somehow though.

All other locking/unlocking (app, code, tag+code and manual knob on the inside of the door) works fine.

That sounds more like a bug in the lock firmware. Mine is a Yale Linus lock. I am just about to add their remote keypad so I’ll feedback on that but it’s likely not to be useful due to the model differences.

One annoying thing I’m getting is a loop of messages triggering both IFTTT and HomeKit and sending duplicate ‘unlocked’ or ‘locked’ messages every few seconds. Lasts about 10 minutes. Sometimes the IFTTT delays are long too (I subscribe) and approach a minute delay.

I will contact Yale about the problem I have and see what they say.

I don't have any problems with loop of messages, but I only use IFTTT and Hubitat, not HomeKit.
I would however prefer not to use IFTTT at all, but not sure if that is possible.

The August Home app för Hubitat:
[Release] Alpha version of August Home (wifi door lock) - Developers / Code Share - Hubitat
seems to partly work (I can log in etc.), but the Yale look isn't discovered.

Maybe that app can be modified/updated to detect the Yale locks also, but that isn't something that I have knowledge about.

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Any news regarding the L3 integration to Hubitat? I’m thinking of replacing my Danalock for the L3 but until there is a direct integration to Hubitat, I will wait.

I haven't seen anything in this forum, but L3 works ok for me when using IFTTT (only locked/unlocked though).

Ok, I will keep my Danalock for the time being.

Did you solve the issue with IFTTT not running when you lock the door with the keypad on the outside of the lock?

I don´t know if you will be able to find this product where you live, once I live in Brazil, where I bought it. It is a Yale YMC420D, a lock with zigbee module already integrated that works very well with Hubitat. If available, I may recommend it!

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