Yale but basic zwave utilisation of locks

I'm talking of HE (received today and playing with it) and thinking of what can be done with it.
I'm really about home automation but don't like to mix some security tools (alarms, smart locks) with it. Except maybe some feedbacks.


It can be done with Rule Machine. Dashboard can show you the battery status remotely in addition to providing lock only capability. A virtual lock will give you lock status, and you can setup the rule to only allow the virtual lock to lock the real lock joined to HE.

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The mobile app with the use of lock code manager can tell you the lock code used via notifications.

You can notify that the lock is unlocked and the alarm is armed, but better to just automate locking of the door.

I managed to pair my Yale110 today in 5 seconds without problems. I was able to lock un unlock it immediately.
I managed to put the lock tile into the dashboard and I obtained its status and I can lock/unlock it without problems or delays.
I created a rule 4-0 to lock automatically my yale at 23:00: worked

Now, I want to know who unlocked my door by sending me an email. I browsed (lightly) the net to find that sharptools could be that. But, for now, I don't want to go online/cloud for that purpose. Maybe in the future.
Is it an app that could use my own smtp to send me an email when my lock is triggered (mostly unlocked) ?

next step (probably easy to do): create a simple rule 4-0 that switch my porch ligh ON (Lutron caseta), after sunset, when I unlock my yale. So, without the need to add a pir sensor.

Yale unlocked ? "Aziz, Light !" :smile:


If you install the Lock Code Manager app, you can create a rule that will send a notification via the Hubitat Mobile app.

Here’s an example rule

docs.hubitat.com had instructions for installing and using LCM and the mobile app

thank you again for your fast reply.
I didn't register my hub for now. I prefer, for now, to work without registering even I know I can miss some tools/advantages. Because I really like the idea of standalone/local mode, Without cloud (I won't use alexa or Google). As far as I can. I installed LCM from the beginning. But I'd like to use my own smtp. Or maybe use a third party not related to my hub (segmentation), like Twilo.
Btw, are the connections between Hubitat and the hub encrypted ?
I already use custom hardware to protect my networks from outside and I want to limit my links to internet, only when I need and not all the time...

I believe this might be what you need in that case.

Yes connections are encrypted in the cloud. There are still unencrypted connections locally, which I prefer. This keeps everything easy to work with for tcp/ip IoT devices. Keep your local network secure, then there’s not a problem with that. However, I believe the intent of Hubitat is to secure the local connections as well at some point.

I registered my hub (just to see what I'll obtain).
I installed the notification App: OK
I created a Rule 4 to test my lock: If unlocked then notify me: I works but I can't obtain the same definitions (Select actions to Run) as yours. It display my cell number instead of my name and I have only the option to choose between locked and unlocked (not a specific user).

But, I have now something weird. I remove the rule and created a new one. Unfortunately I can't replicate what I made and I obtained an unexpected error (will finish this text and see log after).
So now, I have a partial rule and the cell is not set.

Unlocked Yale... received a text message ! Paused the app... Unlocked the yale... received a text message. It seems that I have a ghost app somewhere. Will try to remove the entire app, reboot the unit and see if I still have the problem.

this is the error log for the yale app yesterday:

I Removed the rule but noted that in fact the notification app is linked to my yale and not the rule I created. Should I use the notification app instead of Rule ? A little bit lost here :pensive:

To delete an individual child app (rule), click the gear icon to the left of the app, scroll to the bottom and click on "Remove this child instance of Rule-4.0". This will remove just the single rule.


The notification app is for text messages and local audio notifications. It pre-dates RM 4.0 and since text messages are going away, it probably will either see a revamp or it will go away too. Don't have any insight as to which.

You can notify by RM 4.0. You just need to choose Any Lock Code for the trigger like in my example. This is simply something to kick off the conditional actions. You then choose "Lock code entered on [your lock name]: [The username]". Next choose the action, which will be Notify [Your device name in the HE app]. You should see your device name showing up in the list of HE devices if you have the mobile app fully setup. Create a simple trigger to test your mobile app to make sure you are receiving notifications as expected.

Just create a virtual switch to test with. I keep on around all the time to test rules I'm building or help out another community member like yourself. When I hit my virtual test switch (either on or off) I'll get a notification each time from this rule. Start with a test like the to ensure your notifications work as expected.

Then you can proceed to building your unlock notification rule once you're sure the notifications are coming through. %time% will give you the time the lock was unlocked, and %date% will of course give you the date the lock was unlocked.

Finish the rule with END-IF. You can repeat this multiple times in the same rule if you wish, so you can be notified of multiple users.

I didn't find the notification feature, but I found (doc) that you can install a pushover driver to allow unlimited sms (after registration and a small fee) from your hub to your phone.
Are you talking of this driver that allows you to be notified in case of events... ?

That is one way, but the Hubitat app is free. Getting notifications there won’t cost anything.

When you build your rule, here’s what you choose for the action.

Ah ok, didn't find that action directly...
On your side, I found that you have several devices (Doug's IPhone selected). In my case, I need to put directly my phone (+1...). Have to find where to add multiple notification devices !
Btw, thx for your help and patience. It's the beginning here but I know I'll fly on my own very quickly but your help is much appreciated.

Btw, just tested my virtual button and sms notification: now working :smiley:

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No problem, but don’t get attached to HE SMS, as it is going away. Plus, remember you are limited to 10 HE SMS messages per day. Whereas the Hubitat app notifications are unlimited.

In the mobile app, go to settings and tap where it says”Device Name”. There you can name it whatever you want. You should then see that name show up in the HE devices list.

That's what I did but still unable to add my (registered) cell as a device. I tried to find it in Devices, in Apps (built-in), no luck.

Btw, is the notification done like pushover, via the installed app ? Because I want to receive real sms on real phone lines (need to forward some results to cellphones without data or wifi connections), I have some cellular devices with unlimited yearly sms service on them. And also some sms-relays managers, able to do custom actions when a sms is received.

I think I could also use Twilio app and "Pay-as-you-go" sms when needed.

But it's still strange that I can't find my registered phone on my desktop portal.

The mobile app does not handle SMS. It can do Geolocation if you want, push messages, and gives quick access to the HE local and remote dashboards. It doesn’t do anything more than that.

Your device is named “SM-G950W”. You should see that in the list of HE devices. If you want SMS without an account, you’ll have to use the method I linked to earlier. Otherwise you’re going to need a cloud account with some service like Pushover or Twillo

Hi Doug,
I was a little bit annoyed of asking such trivial questions about my device that was not seen on my hub. Hubitat support team (thanks Bobby) checked the problem. Simple answers: cleaned the cache, uninstalled the app, rebooted the cell and reinstalled the app. Problem solved, my cell is now visible on the hub, I can manage it through app and be happy about my knowledge. So, it was an app problem and not a user problem :smiley:

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Cool. Glad you got that resolved. Hope you have what you need from that, although the trigger via SMS isn't something you'll be able to handle for much longer via HE only, so you will need to turn to one of the other solutions.

There's a discussion about some other alternatives here too.

Yep. I registered for a Twilio account (but probably need to validate the purchase of a phone number to link it) and I need to validate with them some unusual settings I have (very customized sms units connected to my HA), but this is going better every day (newbie to HE)..
I keep the button trigger to make my tests: good idea to keep everything working and add a specific button to make weird changes...
Will also ask official Hubitat support to see the future of their own sms plan (even paid). Worth maybe the price to obtain things easier.

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