SMS Phase out

kind of sucks (I am in the US) that now i have to pay for a service to get SMS notifications.
there any thought on keeping it for the US?

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Do you not have a smartphone? If so, the Hubitat mobile app allows for push notifications, which I'm guessing most people would prefer as an SMS alternative. Otherwise, perhaps your mobile carrier has an "e-mail to SMS" feature, so if you're able to get Hubitat to send an e-mail to that address (not natively possible but probably do-able with IFTTT or similar), that could be a free alternative.

Otherwise Twilio appears to be literally less than one cent per domestic message, so not too bad if you really want SMS. :slight_smile:


Sorry, but the app isnt for me. I prefer text messages so that i can notify multiple numbers without them all having to install the app and have access to my password.

I agree it is cheap, but it sucks to have to pay for text messaging at this point. I wont stopusing the hub, its awesome so i am in the "small price to pay for the other functionality i get" group.

Previously you could only notify 10 TOTAL messages per day, therefore not too many "multiple" anything users or messages, with the current setup.

You set up users with their own account and app to access to notifications, through the portal, they don't use yours.


For a one time $4.99 for unlimited push notifications, I highly recommend Pushover, extremely fast on the notifications a super reliable.


Android user should look at the join api driver created by @stephack. Also has a one time fee. It will allow push and sms though.

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Not excited about this news. I use SMS for security related events and push for regular events.

I guess I will move to Twillio or pushover. Can anyone tell me if pushover has a unique notification sound when used with iOS? that's essentially the whole reason I was using SMS for important events, so they don't blend in with other notification sounds.

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I also recommend that option !! No password required... just get the key from each phone install and set up notifications at the pushover website.

Yes, and you can actually specify the sound you want played from within the Hubitat Pushover Device’s settings.

You can even create multiple Pushover devices, each using the exact same Pushover keys, but with different notification sounds. You can also select which Pushover devices get notified for each Hubitat Pushover device you create.

I have a Pushover device for each iPhone and iPad in the house. All for just the single $5 one time fee.


Unless I'm missing something looking at Twilio's pricing, it breaks down like this:

  • $1.00 per local prefix phone number per month + $0.0075 per SMS message
  • $2.00 per toll-free prefix phone number per month + $0.0075 per SMS message

So, for local prefix numbers, the 1 cent per message break point is 400 messages.

Correct, it isnt cheap in the long run unless you intend to send hundreds of messages per month.
I have a photo booth i built that uses it to send images to people using my booth, so I need to have it for that, this will just be in addition to.

+1 for Pushover for IOS/Android
+2 for Join for Android users

I use both but Join is way more powerful if you are an Android user. It also supports BOTH push and SMS notifications.

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For me I use built in SMS for important notifications. My phone is almost always on silent but Hubitat SMS is setup to “ring” no matter what. I’d be hard pressed to use 10 SMS notifications in a month. This built in functionality was one of the reasons I chose Hubitat so I’m disappointed to say the least. I just recently purchased a second hub but haven’t opened it yet. Hmmm Is there any way to have IOS sound for pushover notifications even if it is silenced? Or notifications through the app? Also my wife is setup the same way and doesn’t want to install the app so my WAF just deminished greatly as well

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Does Pushover messages get "cached"? By that I mean, if your device is off or in airplane mode, does it store them and send when you come back online? One of the reasons I like SMS notifications is that when I fly (traveling for work every week) as soon as I turn my phone off of airplane mode I get all the messages I would have missed. Is the same true for Pushover? Or will I miss all the messages I would have gotten because my phone was in airplane mode?

Honestly I have never noticed as I never have had my phone off or on airplane mode. But I have a simple test rule with a virtual switch (that I use to test whether chromecast is working or not) that also sends a pushover notification.

So turning airplane mode on and running the rule, I wait about 2 minutes turn airplane mode off and the notification pops up immediately.

Ran test again with phone turned off.....then turned phone on and after the phone booted up, the notification pops up.


Is this the same Join app ?


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Yes the notifications come to your phone as soon as you have connectivity again.

PushOver on iOS is the best way to go. One time purchase for up to 6 family members. I haven’t used SMS in over a year thanks to the PushOver capability being added natively. Also you can setup different Push devices. Here are mine:

  • AllPush - all members receive the notifications of doors unlocking, ppl ringing doorbells, Alerts and laundry notifications

  • ParentPush - notify only me and wifey when windows or doors are opened after a specified time

  • AdminPush - only goes to me for low battery alerts and things I am testing personally

Also each device can be setup for default settings such as high priority, sound to use, etc.

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I think this is one of the big advantages of using pushover as a notification device.

I’m hoping the hubitat mobile app will eventually allow for customization of notification sounds on iOS.

I don't get pushover. Everybody talks about 5 dollar one time. But I can only find 5 dollar per account, which could be multiple devices. But my wife uses her own account. How do other people do that?