Yale Assure or Alfred DB2?

Looking to get a new deadbolt or 3 and was pretty well set on the Yale Assure line after the good reviews here but the Zigbee or Z-wave modules are hard to find or well over $100. So now I am debating going the Alfred route. Thoughts or recommendations?

I have a couple of YRD216 Yale locks with zigbee modules and they work great, especially when used with the Reliable Lock driver (available in HPM). Some people report zwave locks are a little temperamental.

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I have used both ZigBee and Z-wave Yale and Alfred Z-Wave locks. As mentioned, reliable locks is a great app, but the most important factor is the strength of your mesh network in either case.

I would definitely recommend the Alfred over Yale if using a C-7 hub as it has the 700 series Z-wave module which will perform much better than the older module used by Yale. I believe kwikset also offers a model using the 700 series Z-wave module as does Ultra-Loq.

Again, make sure you have a repeater close to your locks for best performance in either case.

Best of luck.

I have two of these installed with no complaints:

I also have two of these that are four years old and still going strong:

Where did you see that the Alfred lock uses the 700 series Z-wave modules? According to this brochure it uses the 500 series modules.

If I'm reading the Z-Wave Alliance database correctly, both the DB1 and DB2 use the ZM5202 hardware platform which are 500 series Z-wave modules.

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Derp, you are correct. I miss-spoke and was referring to the fact that the modules are s2 compatible which is much more efficient than S0 which many z-wave locks still use.

I think all zwave+ locks support S2. Even the newer Schlage locks.