Advice on Smart Locks (Z-Wave vs. WiFi)

For anyone who may come across this question in the future, I just got off the phone with Yale support and August support (which were both surprisingly helpful).

  • Yale Assure Lock SL (YRD256) has no built-in wireless radio. You can insert either a Z-wave module or WiFi module.

    • If you insert a Z-wave module, the only way to control the lock is via Z-wave. You can't use any apps to directly connect to the lock, you use whatever app you can use to connect to your Z-wave hub, and control the lock that way.
    • If you insert a WiFi module you can control the lock via the WiFi app (either the Yale Access App or August App works).
  • The newer Yale Assure Lock 2 (YRD410/YRD420/YRD430/YRD450) has a built-in Bluetooth radio and comes with a WiFi module. With this lock, you can either control the lock directly via Bluetooth or with WiFi, using either the Yale Access App or August App.

    • Apparently they are supposed to come out with a Z-wave module for the Assure Lock 2, but it is not available yet. The person I spoke to said that it was due out this year but it is behind schedule.
      • In theory, once the Z-wave module is available, you will be able to control the lock with both Bluetooth (via the app, while you are in your house) or Z-wave, but you still won't be able to use the Yale Access App or August App while you are away from home.

The August Smart Lock Pro, on the other hand, has both Bluetooth and Z-wave built-in to the actual lock.

  • According to the representative from August, the lock relies mainly on Bluetooth.
  • You can always control the lock locally from the app via Bluetooth.
  • Using the app, you can activate Z-wave and pair it with your hub, which offers an additional mechanism to control the lock.
  • Using the Connect WiFi bridge (which talks to the lock via Bluetooth), you can also control the lock over the internet from the app when you are not home.

I found two discussions suggesting that integrating the Yale WiFi lock with Hubitat doesn't work very well, so if I want integration with Hubitat, it seems like I need to use Z-wave:

So, it seems like the Yale Lock doesn't meet my current set of requirements, which is unfortunate. I'll probably end-up going with the August Smart Lock Pro, although I like the design of the Yale locks better.

Going through my original questions:

No, when you are using the Z-Wave module, you cannot use the August or Yale Access App.

No, when you are using the WiFi module, it doesn't look like there are any good ways to integrate with Hubitat. You might be able to hack it together with IFTTT, but that isn't great.

Yes! The Connect WiFi Bridge relies on Bluetooth, and the lock itself has built-in Z-Wave, so you can use both the WiFi bridge and your Hubitat, which allows control via the hub or the August or Yale Access App, including local control via Bluetooth as well as over the internet.

Yes! See previous answer.

Note that Assa Abloy is selling Yale, so soon August and Yale will be separate companies.

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Interesting. Good to know.

In looking at other options, I came across the Alfred DB2 which looks promising (except it can't be controlled with the August App), but if Yale and August are no longer going to be one company, I wonder what will happen to the partnership and shared app compatibility.

I have this lock… With Z-Wave module and bluetooth.. They have another app you use, plus it connects to HomeKit…

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You have the Yale Assure Lock 2 with Z-Wave? The customer service agent I spoke to last night said the Z-Wave module wasn't available, which I took to mean it hadn't been released, but maybe it was out of stock?

Did you have to buy the Z-Wave module separately, or is there a model available that comes with the Z-Wave module? Or does it use the same Z-Wave module as the YRD256 (the Assure Lock SL)? If you happen to have a specific model number (something like YRD410-ZW2-619) that I can use to search, that would be helpful. A link would be even better.

Do you also use the WiFi bridge?

Why a different app (and what app)? Is the app directly controlling the lock (via bluetooth) or indirectly (via WiFi, HomeKit, or Z-Wave)?

I'm pretty anti-Apple and definitely don't want to get sucked into their ecosystem, so this doesn't appeal to me at all.

It was sent to me by Yale to write drivers for it.. But I was under the understanding that the module was going to be available at launch..

:man_shrugging:.. Looks newer.. Yale Assure App..


Apple Home is not required, it’s just another option.

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Thanks for the info.

The customer service representative from Yale told me that they were supposed to be available, but there was some kind of delay and they are not available yet. He had no estimate as to when they would be available though.

@bcopeland: One more question about the Z-Wave module for the Yale Assure Lock 2: Is it based on the 500 or 700 series Z-wave module?

I ask because of this other post about the Alfred DB2 vs. Yale Assure, which says the Yale lock uses the older Z-wave, but it is also referring to the older Assure lock, and I wondered if the newer Assure 2 has the newer chip (at least, if the demo model they sent you has the newer chip).

I would guess not. I don't think 700-series chips are available in quantity any more now that 800-series chips have been released.

Are you suggesting the Yale Assure 2 lock would use the 800 series instead?

I don't know how to read this to determine the answer but I would think it's here (somewhere):

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Or 500-series.


That's a 500-series radio.

Thanks @Eric.C.Miller. You were right, the information is on that page.
Looks like the Yale Assure Lock 2 series (YRD450-ZW2, YRD430-ZW2, YRD420-ZW2, YRD410-ZW2) all use the 500-series chips.

I figured that out by clicking the link to this page (from the link @Eric.C.Miller provided): Yale Assure 2 Lock® SL Key Free Touchscreen Deadbolt, which says this:

And, a quick good search for ZM5101 brings me here: ZM5101 - Z-Wave 500 Modules

You beat me to it.

To close out this thread: I ended up buying the Yale Assure Lock 2 (YRD450-ZW2-619) which is finally available with the z-wave module. It (unfortunately) came with the 500-series Z-wave module (AYR-MOD-ZW2) and not a 700-series or 800-series module.

The connection to Hubitat is working great, and I was able to expose the lock to Google Home via the Community-maintained Google Home integration.

I also bought (second hand via eBay) the August Connect Wi-Fi Bridge (AC-R1) so I could get Bluetooth (built-in) + Z-wave (Smart Module) + WiFi (Connect Bridge), but I'm not 100% sure I need the WiFi Bridge, or what value that is adding, so I may ditch that.

I know this is an old thread, but following up on this and seeing if you are happy with your choice and your use case.

I have a YRD226 with a zwave module, but recently learned that it does not give me access to the APP (never thought about app controlled access until a need recently came up). How is your Assure Lock 2 working for you.

I honestly don't use smart integration other than making sure the door locks at 9pm and the only reason why I opted for a zwave is to have access to it via hub in case wifi goes down - but realize my flawed thinking since if wifi goes down, so does my remote access to hubitat if I am not home.

I would have more value in creating scheduled pin access and automating a schedule lock in the app - unless someone knows how to do that via hubitat.


So far it has worked well. Other then the fact it is a zwave 500 device and only uses S0 it has worked well. We are still waiting to see what happens with battery life, but we will see how that goes.

Same here. I've been pretty happy with my lock so far. The Z-wave connect has been rock-solid.

I only have two complaints:

  • The Z-wave interface doesn't support DoorSense.
  • The Bluetooth connection kept failing whenever I leave the August Connect Wi-Fi Bridge plugged in. This didn't impact the Z-wave connection at all. Once I disconnected and unplugged the Connect Bridge, the Bluetooth has remained stable ever since. I've been meaning to reach out to Yale Technical Support about that issue, but it has been a low priority, as I can access the lock remotely via my hub.

I have a Yale Assure2 ZWave lock and it is great. No problems or complaints to report.