Yale Assure Lock

I have a Yale Assure model number B-YRD226-ZW-VL-619. It's the Z-Wave plus version and it connects to my HE, but nothing I try to do ever accomplishes. Obviously the lock is within range or I wouldn't be able to pair it, but it just refuses to accept any commands from my HE. I've tried excluding and reincluding it several times. These operations are the only thing I can get the HE to do successfully. Is there something I'm missing?


The lock is awake (by your physical actions) during pairing and unpairing. It might not be awake when you are sending configuration commands like key-codes or operational commands like open/close from Hubitat, and is therefore not responding.

I would suggest you add repeaters that support beaming close to the HE and somewhere in the proximity of the lock.

Make sure it has paired securely. If it has not, it will not accept commands. I believe this applies to your lock . . .

On the Device page for the lock, near the bottom, in the section with the title "Data", look for "zwaveSecurePairingComplete: true"


Sounds like you've been able to pair, but you might try this regardless, to see if the situation improves

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