Yale Assure 2 locks

Looking at the Yale Assure 2 lock.

I have a small zigbee network of about 12 devices and so leaning towards that model.

I see from other reviews the zwave and zigbee Yale add-on modules don’t have some of the functionality of the WiFi module.

I would welcome opinions, pros and cons or any C8 integration advise.

Or if you would suggest another quality lock, the only pre-req is it must come in matte black.

(I looked at the Eufy 5 in 1 Lock and camera, but saw that people generally ignore the doorbell button and knock instead).

Every Yale user around here that I'm aware of has been very satisfied, myself included. Most of us are using zigbee versions.

The biggest issue i had was installation. The latch/deadbolt needs to be perfectly aligned and able to fully extend. My manual deadbolt needed a bit of a nudge to lock. I had to fiddle with it until it latched effortlessly. That is likely an issue for all battery operated locks.


There is no zigbee module available for this lock.

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Edit: looks like the zigbee models are all out of stock.

But there are still zigbee models available... two in matte black. Just not the Assure 2 family.

Or you could go with Z-Wave.

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Are there even any Z-Wave models available?

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Yes. The lock and module have to be purchased separately. Here's the module:


Not sure why they dropped zigbee support for the Assure 2. I have the Assure as a deadbolt and lever-lock; both with zigbee. Flawless operation for the last 3+ years.

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Looking like it’s an Assure 2 Touchpad with zwave then.

Thanks everyone!

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I think I saw a Matter/Thread version. Maybe they "evolved" the zigbee model...


That's my guess too.

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They do not:

I think there's confusion about the Assure 2s... AFAICT, the Assure 2 is a new lock design, but (at least for residential/consumer), it's still comes with the "old" z-wave 500-series ZW module (I.e. the ZW2 module).

There are some of the new 700-series modules ("ZW3") out there on eBay, but it sounds like those are being sold by commercial installers who didn't them in their installs for whatever reason.

IIRC, Yale said they'll start selling the ZW3 modules to consumers on the Yale website in 2024. Right now, it's still just the old 500-series on their website.

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Thank you.

I just installed a new Yale Assure 2 Lock and I can confirm it is being sent out currently with the Zwave 500 module. Worse then that it still installs by default with only S0 encryption.

So far the lock has worked fairly well, but it is certainly a little bit of a bummer that even today it is so far behind on the radio being used.

World you advise against buying this lock then?