2022-23 Lock Recommendations?

What is the current consensus on HE-compatible locks? I installed a Yale + Zigbee a while back, but it seems like those (zigbee modules) are not currently available. Ditto for Yale's Zwave options, Matter is still "coming soon," and the WiFi locks look like they have their own bridge, so that's an option but not a great one (and is it even compatible with HE?).

Perhaps the Alfred DB2 (with Z-Wave module) is the next best choice? At least it appears to be in stock. Any and all suggestions (including to wait) are appreciated.

I have a few Kwikset Zigbee locks and they have worked perfectly for a couple years now. I recently purchased a Kwikset Convert Zigbee 3.0 unit, for a door where the keypad didn’t make sense, and it also works great. They all have been rock solid reliable.

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I am also waiting on the Yale Assure 2 locks with Matter. May have to break down and use zigbee or Zwave. But as you said, those modules have been unavailable for some time now.

Schlage Zigbee locks have been rock solid for me.

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I replaced my August Pro (zwave was very unreliable) with Ultraloq ZWave.
This one is very reliable but ZWave functionality is basically limited to
lock/unlok. But this is OK for my specific needs.

I second Schlage Zigbee, lots of posts about issues with Schlage zwave, but their Zigbee lock is rock solid.

I went with the Ultraloq Wifi model. I like having the lock and combination buttons on the outside. The August Wifi model required me to use my key or my phone app/watch which were quite slow at times.

I have not decided yet if I plan to try to incorporate this into the Hubitat ecosystem.

All WiFi Locks are Cloud-based. As a result - they are slow because
the entire Internet Infrastructure is involved. For this reason
in my setup anything what is Cloud-based is absolutely no go.


After doing this, just because I'm an HA freak. I'm like what is the purpose? The schlage z-wave, I'd stay away from. There's a reason HE took it off the compatible list, plus I don't think HE has ever done it with any other device...please correct me if I'm wrong. ST users also had issues with their locks.

Anyway, my 2 cents is unless it's a AirBNB or some type of rental, it's not worth the risk. Last week when my Schlage Z-wave+ lock freaked out, even with new batteries. I had to disable the whole thing, as I'm thinking what if this POS decides to unlock in the middle of the night. When it comes to security, I don't trust any HA device. If you move forward, I suggest have a backup, a hidden key in a lockbox or one of those fake rocks where you hide a key inside, something, to avoid those panicked calls, "I can't get in"

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Agreed. Smart locks need some type of keypad. In a pinch, you can communicate an emergency code to whomever is at the door via a phone call.

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For this reason all my smart looks have mechanical key.


I have been using Level Bolt lock for over two years. It is a HomeKit only lock, but it isn’t difficult to connect through Homebridge I haven’t tired it through the native HE HomeKit beta yet. The expect it will be about the same effort to setup through that.

The Level Bolt
• is invisible inside and outside the house
• leaves your deadbolt functional
• operates rock solidly

If the keypad is working. With my Schlage BE469ZP the other night it was freaking out, dimly lit, no response from any buttons. It finally came back after taking out the batteries for about 30 minutes. Currently I am debating whether to buy a Kwikset Zigbee 914 lock- read that Zigbee locks are much better.
I have a problem, with A. buying too many devices & B. buying things that wind up causing me frustration.
My wife says she'll provide all the frustration I need...for free.

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:rofl: :joy: :rofl:

The 914s are Zigbee 3.0 and seem to activate faster than the older ones I have. They seem to have refined them quite noticeably.


I'm waiting on the future Schlage lock that supports Matter + Thread + Homekey. Current Schlage locks can't be upgraded to Matter. Schlage said Matter versions are coming but no ETA.

These and the Kwikset Convert look like the only zigbee options available right now. Looks like we have a winner.

Thanks to all for sharing your experiences and recommendations.


I just added one of the Kwikset Convert for a deadbolt where a keypad seemed overkill and it was an easy add to a Schlage deadbolt as long as the inside facing part isn’t a keyed lock.

I’ve been using Schlage Zwave for about 5 years, I have 4 in operation. I had them all keyed to use the same key. However we have never used a key since as the numeric pad is easier. I replace about 1 lock per year as they give up the ghost.

I've had Yale zigbee locks for a couple years. Never had an issue. Very good on batteries. I also have very thick doors and the Yale lock accommodates them nicely. I have two of them so worst case one fails I can get in the other door. If they both fail, well, I'm screwed. I do not use any automation to unlock them - I rely on the keypad for that. I do, however, have them set to automatically lock under various conditions.


Same experience - the Yales are awesome. We have 2 house doors, and a service door on our detached garage. Touchpad-only zigbee Yales are in the garage and the house door that gets used 99.9% of the time. Never had an issue with either, and both have been in service for years.

I left my Medeco deadbolt on our front door, and just keep a hidden key for it -- that both provides backup peace-of-mind and works well since we never use that door to actually get in the house -- a smart lock would be wasted on that door.


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