Xmas lights

Are there actually any programmable z-wave or zigbee Xmas lights or do they all tend to be Wi-Fi?

The Inovelli light strip (z-wave) has individually addressable 'pixels', along with something like 50 pre-programmed animations/patterns...


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Sengled also have RGBW zigbee strip lights - like the iNovelli ones that @martybird linked to.


just to clarify… are you looking for indoor or outdoor xmas lights? or both?

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I should have specified outdoor lights. I’m not sure lightstrips would work well either Indoor or outdoor (I mean they would look awful wrapped around a tree)


The Sengled do not appear to be quite the same as Inovelli's. The Inovelli light strip can have the RGB LEDs individually controlled (ex: a rainbow, each LED a different color). The Sengled appear to be more standard RGBW light strips. There are LOTs of those type of light strips around.

As for specific Christmas lights... it does not appear so, no. They all are WiFi at this time. Inovelli's strips are the closest (and there are requests for outdoor Christmas-style lights from them). There are WiFi ones that work with Hubitat though... heck, I am even working on my own WS2812-pixel based set specifically for Christmas decorations.


A recommendation (with links) would be awesome!

I'm using WS2811 pixels running on a falcon controller. These are WiFi based with the RPi based player supporting MQTT.


Wonderful. I needed to leave the house but now I need to change my pants.

That looks awesome!

Thanks, this is just a sequence preview from xlights. It actually looks better in real life.

Are these standard lights connected to a controller and you simply hit commands with the controller? Second question does the programming happen locally or via cloud? Honestly I want to start on this now so I'm ready for xmas

What do you use to program the sequences?

They are 12 volt WS2811 pixels connected to a Falcon F16 v3 controller. The sequence is created using the open source software xLights. Once the sequence is created it is uploaded to a player (FPP) running on a raspberry pi which controls all the scheduling.

Everything is local. Here's a link to help you get started.

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Not a sham, like I said it’s an xLights preview. The program takes an image and overlays the model over it. That is why the lights appear to be on top of the truck.

Sorry, I initially mis-read your post and assumed that it was a promo video. Shortly after posting I realized my error and deleted the post.

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Sorry, I was thinking of the Tuya-based ones, like these:

Which really just look like WS2812 LEDs that happen to have a wifi/bluetooth (so probably ESP32-based) controller.

Or these small "fairy light" versions:

Or these larger "bell" shaped ones:

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are you planning for next year? or is this a festivus thing?


I've recently gone down this rabbit hole! The 12v WS2811 Pixel Strings are definitely what you want. Controlling them with a Falcon Controller is definitely the gold standard when it comes to elaborate Christmas displays synced to music. But if you wanted a simpler approach and just a Christmas pattern, you could pickup a Quin-LED Dig-Quad LED Controller. It comes pre-flashed with WLED. There is a community driver to integrate WLED with Hubitat and you can use your computer or smartphone to control them. There's a guy on the net called Dr Zzss and he has a website and lots of youtube videos on the topic.

Also, WLED will sync with xLights so if you do get the bug to play around with sequencing, you can!

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Would these be mounted permanently or what should one plan for? Looks like a decent job to put them all up... What are the expected lifespan of the lights? Changing controller(s) is more frequent I guess

Pixel strings are generally rated to be pretty long-lived in permanent mountings. They were designed originally for bigger displays and billboard effects if I recall.

They are also "fairly" durable, as they are sealed into their housings and handle water/snow/heat pretty well.

The Hookup had a couple videos about putting up WS2812 (he used strips) permanently on his house (the first is about it overall, the 2nd is a "3 years later" look):

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