Xiaomi Zigbee model

I've installed few Xiaomi Aquara door sensors some months ago (I think on Hubitat 2.0.1) and zigbee model and manufacturer (not driver model, low level Zigbee one) was correctly identified:

I've received yesterday another batch of same sensors, paired one of them and now model and manufacturer are broken:

Has anyone noticed the same behaviour? Could it be related to a Hubitat update?
Unfortunately I cannot remove one of the old ones and try to pair again because they are used heavily in RM/Automations.

@veeceeoh maybe you have noticed it too?

Are the part numbers on the bottom the same?

I had exactly this with the a few devices, after repairing the info was proper populated. Note; the trick is to not save the device if info is not correct.

Thanks! I should have 10x of the Xiaomi/Aquara sensors this afternoon to play with (if delivered on time)...

I'll see if they like my Ikea Tradfri outlets I put in just for their pleasure. lol

Interesting, at least it's not related to the sensor but something during pairing.
Maybe that's because now I've paired it over a Tradfri outlet repeater instead other ones were directly to the hub?
Seems anyway that it's still working properly, it's just a minor graphic issue.

But as @mike.maxwell suggested can you check the version number? I just did a more detailed look into your screenshot and my errors although similar were not as yours, mine often would leave fields blank or truncated

Now I'd prefer to don't remove the one that it's already fixed in position, but other ones from the same order have: MCCGQ11LM 2016DP2461

You got the same message in all?

I'll try to pair another one now

Tried with another one, half a meter from the hub (so no repeaters in the middle) and I had the same result

Not sure if it is the same issue to tbh.
I leave it with Mike

Only my leak sensors show this.

Personally, and no offense to anyone's sensibilities, I don't care as long as they work. And they do work perfectly. I test the leak sensors often and they respond as expected every time.

No problems on my side too, I was just asking because previously was fine.

Spot on...

Saw this also with mine. I could remove and repair them too and it would fix itself. But either way they always worked fine.

I just paired one of my new Xiaomi Aquara temp/humidity sensors. So far so good - it has reported in a few times. Time will tell, I guess.

In case there is interest it is: WSDCGQ11LM

Manufacturer is blank in details.

That's strange too because on mine the same humidity/temp sensors (paired around a month ago) have the right manufacturer (LUMI), but until they are working fine it doesn't matter..



I wouldn't worry about it, though.

The only issue that could arise is that the correct device driver isn't chosen when the sensor is paired. The model / manufacturer data isn't used in any other ways for the door/window contact sensors or the leak sensors.

I believe what happens is that during the pairing process the value telling the hub the length the model text string is missed somehow, so extra "garbage" characters are picked up as part of the model name.

As other have suggested, you could try repairing the sensor if the "garbage" characters really really bother you, but nothing is "broken". The devices for the above screenshots have been connected and working just fine with my hub for over 8 months now.

Thank you, no worries on my side, just curious..

Not sure what is 'normal', but the one temp/humidity sensor I've paired so far has checked in ~20 times in the last hour... Actually 62 times, but each time it checks in there seem to be 3 Checkin events in the log within ~1 second.

Seems like a lot, but at least it is working. :smile: