Xiaomi Aqara Temp/Humidity/Pressure Sensor (WSDCGQ11LM)

I have installed this successfully using the driver " Xiaomi Temperature Humidity Sensor" from veeceeoh ..

I see this on the device page, but the pressure is missing from current states

but looking at events I see ..

At present, therefore I cannot display the pressure in a dashboard.

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance.


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I would recommend you post this in the Xiaomi Aqara/Mijia drivers master-thread; it is more likely to be seen by someone who knows the answer.

FWIW - I have a couple of those, and they have always displayed pressure. How long have you had them paired? I seem to recall pressure readings popping up when battery levels appeared.


Are you sure its the right one?
The round one do not have preassure, but I do believe the squared one do. Could that be the reason? One uses the same driver though.



Good point. However, the model # given matches mine (square), which displays pressure ....


The round one is RTCGQ01LM


If you check the driver code, do you see the preassure as a deivce capability? Like this?
definition (name: "Xiaomi Temperature Humidity Sensor", namespace: "veeceeoh", author: "veeceeoh"
capability "Battery"
capability "PressureMeasurement"
capability "RelativeHumidityMeasurement"
capability "Sensor"
capability "TemperatureMeasurement"
And the filter to keep it on for the right model:
if (getDataValue("modelType") == "Aqara WSDCGQ11LM" || getDataValue("modelType") == "unknown") {
input name: "pressOffset", type: "decimal", title: "Pressure Offset", description: "", range: ".."
input name: "pressureUnits", type: "enum", title: "Pressure Units (default: mbar)", description: "", options: ["mbar", "kPa", "inHg", "mmHg"], default: "mbar"

If not, I would try to find the last version, it might be and old version... (My verion is 0.9 now) :wink:
Strange, though... But could be the reason?

EDIT: I just found that the Import link was in the driver, so maybe you can have it too? If so, just press Import on the drivers page and it will update to the last version, which I found is 1.0 now. :slight_smile:


Yes, it would have helped to post about this issue in reply to my recent version 1.0 update release of the Xiaomi/Aqara Temp-Humidity device driver, but since there's already a few replies in this thread, I'll reply here.

In the v1.0 update of the driver, I changed the code to exactly follow the announced method for Hubitat's PressureMeasurement capability (from the thread Hub version 1.1.0 changes for developers):

However, in checking Hubitat's Documentation pages, I see that the attribute pressureMeasurement given in that Hub version 1.1.0 changes for developers announcement is either incorrect or has been subsequently changed.

The attribute listed for PressureMeasurement on the Hubitat Driver Capability List page is just pressure, so I changed the code back to use pressure when creating pressure measurement events, and everything is working correctly again.

Note that to show pressure event values in the Hubitat Dashboard, the Attribute template still needs to be used:

I will be releasing have released a v1.0.1 update on my Xiaomi / Aqara ZigBee device drivers thread.

Thanks @pat.molloy for noticing and posting about this!


thanks for pointing this out, I've updated that post...

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This has done the trick. I have v1.0.1 of the driver now and pressure has appeared :smile:

Battery has gone, but I seem to recall that appears after a while.

Marvellous help! Thanks!


Works a treat!

A million thanks.


Sorry to hijack the thread. but is there a way to change the xiaomi temp sensor to celsius?

If I'm not mistaken, the driver sets the temp. units based on the hub's location.

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ahh yes, well i look a little silly now. cheers!

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Another hijack :slight_smile:

I've installed the driver and connected the sensor but even though is has been sitting in my fridge for the past 12 hours it still reports a temperature reading of 17 degrees (which is definitely wrong). I am getting events every now and then so it is probably not a zigbee connectivity issue.

Any ideas why the sensor is reporting the wrong temperature?

Later today I will install a second one in the same fridge just to see what readings I get from that.


Just got 2 of the WSDCGQ11LM sensors and used driver from HPM and no luck. Which driver should I use? Thank you.