Xfinity XHE1 to open garage

Agreed, I'm asking if the Hubitat team needs one of these for their lab to fix the Hubitat issue :slight_smile:

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what driver is being used with this keypad?

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"Centralite Keypad"

OK, can you post the event logs for the lastCodeName attribute?, it should look similar to this:

Just a bunch of "keypad disarmed by.."

I'm just using the "Keypad codes" trigger which lets me select specific people.

The Security Keypad -> Disarmed does not let me select specific codes... and it's not clear if this would only trigger if it were previously armed or not.

@mike.maxwell Not sure if this is helpful - but I noticed an issue with this tonight with an existing integration through Maker API.
From what I am seeing, the event history shows the event:

but the device doesn't seem to be saving the attribute. It shows up temporarily on the device page, but upon refresh is no longer there:

I am using the Iris V2 keypad driver. It was working before, but I'm not sure what update stopped it working.

Yes this is a bug in the capability (lastCodeName is missing), it will be fixed in release 2.2.9.


Oh this is great news! I have a lot of guests, and I cannot trigger anything from my keypad currently, regardless of using lastCodeName. I guess the system uses that internally when utilizing the trigger function for keypads. Thanks for the update.

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Hi @mike.maxwell , this doesn't seem to be fixed in 2.2.9...

the attribute was added to the schema, what gives you the indication that it's still broken?

Brand new Rules 5.1 rule not firing (also tried the previous rule, it also didn't work):

Typing in a code to the keypad only results in Keypad log messages, no log messages related to the rule.

The rule is subscribed to securityKeypad.disarmed...

When I punch my code into he keypad, the logs show that it is toggling between armed and disarmed. Neither triggers the rule, but since the rule is "keypad code entered", it should be subscribed to both armed & disarmed events I'd think...

Here are the rule settings...

Which driver are you using?

Centralite Keypad

are lastCodeName event values persisting in device current states now?


OK, I'll have to do some testing here...

both of the rules that you posted are missing the end-if statement.
this works as expected:

and produces the following in the logs:

Hm.. added the END-IF, no change.

About a year later... and I haven't gotten this to work, and it has suddenly become more urgent due to ST's groovy deprecation - which means I need to migrate my Airbnb to HE (I migrated my main house long ago). Just bought a second HE and paid my remote access + warranty annual plan. I've even written a nodejs replacement for RBoy's Rental Lock Automator which will code my locks using the Maker API based on my Airbnb calendar.... anyway....

To summarize, the Rule Machine Keypad Code Entered trigger ONLY triggers on a state transition to "disarmed.", which is definitely not the same as "Keypad Code Entered."

This means that to get the rule to trigger, I have to press one of the arm buttons on the keypad, type in a valid code, then type in the code again for it to trigger in RM.

I would like it to trigger whenever a valid code is entered. This is how I've been using it with ST with RBoy's Zigbee Keypad handler, This allows my airbnb guests to open/close my garage with the last 4# of their phone number.

The Rule says that the event subscription is securityKeypad.disarmed.

This is the event that shows up in the logs when a valid code is entered.


Based on the "Garage Keypad was disarmed" in the logs (this shows up even when the rule doesn't trigger), I'm guessing that because the keypad didn't transition from one state to another (it was already disarmed), this event didn't trigger.

So one question for anyone: Does this trigger work as described with any other keypads? If so, please let me know which one so I can buy it.

And a question for Hubitat: Can you make this rule fire even if a state transition does not happen? If it should work but doesn't, please PM me a shipping address and I'll send you a XHE1 to help troubleshoot.


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