Wyze Thermostat

Too bad this couldn't be integrated into HE. Looks nice and affordable.

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Don't see why it couldn't. Community Google Home Integration and then add it to HE.

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I havent tried the community integration yet. how does it differ from the stock integration?

It works. Nothing against the stock integration but you have way more control over how devices show up, what commands are available, what drivers etc. Note the scroll bars on the screenshots at the bottom.

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Looks nice!

As long as Wyze has google integration. I have their cameras and the integration is very poor

The new integration looks like its going to be good. Look up Google SDM API.

Am i missing something tho? This would be for Nest devices NOT Wyze devices?

Well I was talking about the camera integration.

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AAAh I see, hope it improves!


Looking forward to facial recognition triggers with direct api access rather than the way I have to go about doing it now...

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Do I have to actually own a Google Home device or can I just route it through the app?

I don't see why there would be any device dependancy but I haven't tested it. The hub would handle the devices and send and receive commands from google.

Wait so the community google app is backwards compatible? I can use Google home stuff with HE through it?


Use Google SDM api app for sending Google Home api stuff to HE like the Nest thermostat and doorbell or whatever. Use the community google home integration for sending and receiving devices to and from HE.

I may be not understanding or just confused. Are you saying that I can have a Google Home connected device, say a Wyze outlet, brought into Hubitat using the Community Google Home integration? I've not been able to find out how to do that if true.

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