Wyze Or other IP camera integration before purchase help?


Hi All,
Newbie to hubitat (looking to purchase my first hub) I am not seeing much documentation for the support of video in the WIKI. is there a widget or something that will let me integrate cameras? Or will I need seperate hardware to integrate (i don't really want a video server to act as a gateway) Right now I use stringify to use the motion from my camera to trigger a light when it is dark for 15 min then turn off. I would like to be able to do something similar in Hubitat and get push notifications, arm the cameras with my security scene etc....
Thanks in advance for your help.



IFTTT integration for Wyze will do what you want. Have been considering that myself. I have a first gen iSmart Alarm Spot, which is the Xiaomi camera the Wyze was originally based on, but the IFTTT triggers for iSmart Alarm cameras are very basic vs Wyze, and don't have any actions available like the Wyze does.

For the motion, I wouldn't bother with IFTTT. It likely won't be fast enough and there isn't a direct to Stringify integration for HE. Instead, just pickup some Xiaomi Aqara motion sensors and a coupe of IKEA TrĂĄdfri outlets to repeat the Zigbee signal and keep the Xiaomi devices stable and paired to HE.


As @SmartHomePrimer said I integrated my Wyze cameras using IFTTT. I created virtual motion and virtual sound switches that are triggered when the camera detects it.

I mainly though just use them for security when in away mode. Its too slow to use the motion to trigger other automations that you want to execute quickly.

Maybe one day Wyze will open up an api (they are getting pressure) but for now you will have to depend on the cloud.


I've thought about adding a virtual switch for my wyze cam motion. It sends me a Telegram message via IFTTT quite quickly for IFTTT.
That being said IFTTT did not work for the first month I owned the camera, so it's liable to break again.
When I open the door I get a buzz on my phone in around 3 seconds. That might be enough to set my front porch light level to 100 and get any loiterers to move along.


So it sounds like IFTTT will be my best integration. Can you "see" video cams in the hubitat browser? or do I need to use the providers app?

FYI Currently using an Arlo cam with stringify to automate a light at night when motion detected but I want some cheaper cams to do a few projects with.
My lighting with motion is sort of security oriented but a few seconds delay is acceptable. I am not triggering an alarm or security alarm message from the camera motion.


You will need to use the Wyze app. Its not bad though. They are constantly updating it.


So as far as the integration of Wyze for actions to or from the cameras, I will have to rely on a cloud based option it looks like as there are not any native ways to use Hubitat.


thanks for your info on the cameras. They were my first choice based on reviews and features that are free. I only have the Arlo cameras I have now because of a great black friday special. Also the fact that the outdoor places I had in mind would have required some holes from inside to outside for the power cable through concrete block.
I have some design build houses that I've been asked to provide some simple basic security that I plan on using Hubitat, 2 Wyze cameras, 2 hidden door switches to protect the doors, and 2 Sengled lights for the front and back.


Don’t know if I would use them for outside. Yes people report success but the company states they are indoor only and heat/cold could mess with the electronics.

You don’t want to get a call from clients when they are not working.

There are actually cheap Chinese cameras you can get that are rated for outdoors and offer many of the same features. At least they are made for outside.

At the same time for the price, if they break it’s not a huge investment.


I have a silicone sleeve with a mount on mine and it's been outside since September.
Seems fine.
I imagine if a squall hit it horizontally it might be in trouble but at $20 it's worth the test.


Amazon has outdoor housings for them. Also I am in Fla so the cold will not be an issue...Maybe the humidity at times but the outdoor mounts look promising.


If you have a 3D printer you can get the STL off thingiverse and print less than a dollar.


Hi All.
Can you suggest a Brand+model of camera that can be showed on a HE dashboard OFFLINE?
Initial Configuration online is not a problem but after that I need to be able to see the image offline.

Any suggestions?


The $20 wyze does work with no internet. It has RTSP as well. The initial setup requires internet but once it's up and running. You don't need internet.


RTSP is not very good though. It stutters and crashes frequently.


The v2 update on RTSP doesn't stutter and crash no more. I said V2 but not sure the actual name. It's on the Wyze forum.


v2 of the camera or of the firmware. The problem with using RTSP is that you don't get any of the new features for WyzeCam like person detection.


RTSP firmware version 2.


Did you have to update that manually with the SD card?


That's the only way unfortunately. Here's the link for instructions and firmware.