Wyze Or other IP camera integration before purchase help?


Thanks. Yea I did it the first time.
I'm not happy how the RTSP branch is getting the second class treatment.
I get the firmware size limitation, but it's silly you can't get updates on device.
Especially security updates...


There's just not enough room to load the new firmware at the same time as the existing to load it for an OTA update.


What does everyone think of this? I find the wyze notification / event system to be really useless with the five minute delay myself.

I always get an event for a car pulling up. But no event for the people who get out of the car.

I have been considering motioneye. Does it have person detection?


It does not.


Get a RPi and install motion. Set the area in the config and now you got motion with rtsp.


Yeah I actually set up motion on my pu already. Then got lazy when it came time to switch the cam to rrsp. Perhaps tomorrow..


I have an old android phone running TinyCam Pro rendering the Wyze cam into an HTML stream. Tiny Cam has a Wyze integration and a webserver. I found it works much better than the RTSP firmware for the Wyze (at least the first version that was out).


This is currently what I have running as well. It does work good. I was just hoping to offload it to the pi. Do you have access setup so you can see your cams when not on the local network? If so how are you doing it?


I am using TIny Cam Pro on my Phone also. For Wyze it goes direct to the cam. For other cam, I have port forwarding turned on to motion and then authentication turned on for the stream. Tiny Cam can store the credentials so you don't have to type them in every time.